Winter 10×10: Outfits 5 – 7

After a three day break from the winter 10×10 I’m back at it! This is the first time I’ve done a 10×10 that I’m not starting to feel antsy and sick of the clothes by this point. I have a feeling it’s because I included some items that were new in my wardrobe (that I absolutely, positively LOVE), so I’m having a lot of fun styling them. 

Outfit 5 is from last Friday and then I picked up outfit 6 on Tuesday since we had a pretty low key weekend and I picked 10×10 items with my work outfits in mind. You can see the 9 items I selected and how I changed the ‘rules’ here and Outfits 1 – 4 here.

Outfit 5

Style Notes

Typically I don’t go much beyond layering cardigans over basic tees, but today (thanks to the inspiration from Andrea and Jaana) I doubled up my sweaters. I love the cropped length of the crew neck sweater partnered with the longline of the cardigan. Because the items I selected for the 10×10 all coordinate in the neutral color palette, it’s easy to mix any of the pieces together and create unexpected (and unplanned) combinations.

I added my straight leg jeans and cognac booties, but kept the jewelry to a minimum and only wore my JORD wood watch. I kept it simple in part because I’m worried about snagging the sweater, but I also felt like I didn’t need to add any extra visual interest to the outfit.

I cuffed the jeans to meet right at the top of the booties and I did have some cozy socks on that peeked out ever so slightly. I also always try to keep the sleeves of my under layer a bit longer to add some interest and a bit of style to my cuffs.

The Feels

I was worried I would be hot wearing the double layers, so I was pleasantly surprised this wasn’t an issue. I did add a soft tee as a base layer to keep my sweater protected and to cover my belly just in case I lifted my arms too high.

It was comfortable for casual Friday and I felt much more pulled together than my typical tee and cardigan looks. I’m so excited to have found a new layering option (which was the point, so yay!).

Other Ideas

I don’t think I would change much about the styling, but I’m definitely going to keep an open mind when it comes to pairing sweaters. I have quite a few lighter weight options that I can’t wait to try as under layers to some of my heavier sweaters.

Outfit 6

Style Notes

Since this Jamie + The Jones sweater arrived I knew the boxier cut would pair perfectly with skinny pants. Then, the Brass Ponte Pants showed up and I realized I had found an outfit match made in heaven. I have been wanting to wear this outfit for two weeks, but knowing these pieces were going to be in the 10×10 I held off.

The chunky texture, shorter length and wide fit of the sweater works so well with the fitted, high-waisted pants. I rolled the sleeves just a bit since they are bulky and they don’t stay pushed up.

I think it’s obvious that I have a major love of black and cognac happening right now, so the booties were a no brainer to me. I added my Hurtig Lane vegan watch and my gold bar necklace (with my kids’ names), which I wear daily, and let outfit be the focus.

The Feels

So far this may be my favorite outfit of the 10×10. It was simple, oh so comfortable, and most importantly I felt GREAT. I’m not sure if it’s the flattering cut and fabric of the pants that hold everything in or how the sweater just feels like something special or the simplicity of it. But I LOVED it.  

These have been two huge investments in my wardrobe, but I know they will both be worn regularly (borderline too much) because of how great I feel wearing them. And investing in that is totally worth it to me on so many levels.

Other Ideas

A few accessory swaps could easily make this outfit dressier or more casual, but I don’t foresee myself changing a thing. I just took this outfit off 3 hours ago and I’m already excited to wear it again. #closetgoals I really hope someday I am this excited about everything I own.

Outfit 3
Style Notes

One of my favorite ways to wear longline cardigans is with dresses (this silk one is from The White Label Project and it’s become one of my workhorse items). They can add enough length to shorter dresses to make them ‘appropriate’ or they can add interest and detail to the silhouette of the dress to make it look like a totally new item.

It’s January, so tights are still necessary, but I wasn’t loving the look of them. They looked too harsh. After checking the forecast and seeing temps nearing 60 degrees, I decided to go with bare legs. I tried a new styling option by pairing these chunky knit socks with the booties and bare legs. I just recently tried the socks peaking out of the boots with jeans, so this was a big jump from that. I liked the way it looked, I’m just not sure if I’m pulling it off or if it looks like I’m trying to hard. It was warm and I felt like it added the extra touch to the styling. I finished the look with my go-to long Natalie Borton necklace (10% off code here) and leather wrap bracelet to tie in the cognac.

The Feels

This was another win to come out of the 10×10. This particular challenge has really showed me what a difference having items you really love and feel great in makes. I am starting to feel like a broken record because I love every outfit and they’re all so comfortable and I feel great wearing them. But…isn’t that how we should feel each day?!

While I do think I would have created the outfit with or without the style challenge, it was nice to be ‘forced’ to wear dresses in January. I like that the longer cardigan feels like it’s adding warmth all the way down, so it’s not as cold.

Who is still going strong with their 10×10? Have you discovered any new combinations that have got you all excited?
Thanks to Lee and Caroline for hosting and to everyone sharing under the #winter10x10 hashtag on IG!!

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    1. Love these looks, Paige! And how you value feeling comfortable and “you” in pieces that feel somehow special and perfect. I’m whittling down – and very selectively, very slowly adding additional pieces that feel like that to me.

      My wardrobe is already small enough to fit in a suitcase. But I’m missing a few things…and wanting everything to feel like I’d love to wear it – and would feel totally comfortable doing so regardless of how I feel that day.

      Thanks for the inspiration! I’m still playing along with this 10×10 – so fun following others doing the same!

      1. Dana,
        Wow! I cannot believe how pared down your wardrobe is and I admire you slowly and carefully adding in to fill in the wholes. It is a good feeling to start finding those pieces. Not only does it squash my shopping urges, but it makes it easier to purge more that isn’t quite meeting the standard.
        Thanks for following along,

    1. Love these outfits! Once the 10×10 is over, I’d love to see a review of the Brass Ponte Pants. I’ve thought about buying them but I’m not sure how well they would fit my body.

      1. Teresa,
        Thank you- I am really enjoying this round of the 10×10. I would love to share a review of the Brass pants, but I’ll tell you…they’re amazing! What specific questions do you have about them? Anything I can help with…
        Thanks again,

    1. Just found your site and loving it!
      I’m on day 10 of the 10 x 10…and I’m definately feeling that antsy you describe. It is my first. 10 x 10 and my second capsule season. I’m hoping i get better at this!
      Thanks for the inspiration!
      Holly j

      1. Hi Holly!
        I’m so glad you introduced yourself. This has been my first 10×10 that hasn’t gotten a bit stale feeling by the end and I can’t totally pinpoint the difference. How are you liking your capsule wardrobes?
        Take care,

    1. The capsule idea has been a super fit for me. I discovered capsules this summer, reorganized and never looked back. It has brought some cohesion to my wardrobe and helped shift my style to something more…me.

      We are in the same profession 🙂 but I’ve tried to set up my blog anonomously…have you had any issues crop up around blogging and your day job?

      Holly J

      1. Holly,
        I was so nervous to start the capsule, but like you I’ve found it was a perfect fit (which still kind of surprises me).
        Oooo…what do you teach? I originally started my IG anonymously and I remember being kind of freaked out when I realized one of my students had find it and I wondered if I should change the settings or shut it down. But, I’m more ok with it now. I still don’t love talking about it with students (I always kind of blow it off when they mention it), but at the same time one of my students just interviewed me and wrote an article in the school paper, so I guess the cat’s out of the bag now 🙂 I’m not posting anything they aren’t seeing every day anyway, and I know some of them really enjoy seeing a little more of my ‘outside’ life like kids and what I do when I’m not teaching and how I think/feel about clothes. So, no issues so far…if anything I think I need to embrace it more!

    1. I found your blog this week and am loving it! I’ve been working towards a capsule wardrobe and have already “Kon-Maried” my house. Your blog is a good inspiration for me; I like that your style is accessible and somewhat casual. I’m a teacher, too, but in New York where it seems to be colder than where you are. One question- can you wear jeans to work? It’s frowned upon at my school, but I’ve been wearing a lot of corduroys this winter (I consider them jeans in disguise). Thank you for all of the pictures, inspiration and information in your blog!

      1. Joanne,
        Hi!! Thanks for introducing yourself! I’m in Colorado and we’ve probably got warmer days than you do in NY. Our school/district is pretty casual, so I could wear jeans every day, but I try to keep it to Fridays. I do wear black and gray jeans and some darker bootcut and trouser style jeans each week though. And I totally agree on cords being jeans in disguise! What do you teach?

        Oh, and ‘konmari-ing’ is my fave past time! U definitely an itching to do another round when we have a break from school.

        1. Thank you for your reply. I teach special ed high school English- I love my job, too! I will be checking your blog regularly for help focusing my style. I think I have a similar goals as you- a focused, small wardrobe of things I love and clothes that I can wear for both work and outside of work (I seem to have developed a strict delineation work/not work clothes and sometimes I don’t feel like “me” in my work clothes).
          I want leopard loafers now…(already have the Birkenstocks).

          1. Joanne,
            I do the exact same thing with work/non work clothes although most items could easily go back and forth. I have found that I get a lot of gratification out of wearing my clothes over and over again, so I’m now trying to get past the idea that anyone at work will notice that I’ve worn the same sweater two weeks in a row so that I feel I can reduce my wardrobe even more.

            Thanks so much for following along!

    1. I like the long-line cardigan, especially in the grey (unfortunately, it is sold out now, in all colors).

      1. Anne,
        Oh shoot! I wonder at this time of year if they’ll bring it back? I would keep an eye out though, because I’d bet they have a similar spring version if not this same one.

    1. So glad I found your site! I’ve only just started getting into minimalist fashion and I finally found someone else who understands the struggle of staying stylish as a short mom (I’m 5’3″ with a 2 year old who insists on staining every new shirt I put on with his grubby hands!) Don’t mind me if I just read through all your old blog archives!

      1. R,
        Hi! I’m so glad you introduced yourself. Yes…one of my biggest struggles with investing in higher quality items is that I’m just that much more paranoid that the kids are going to destroy them. 🙂
        I love having a smaller wardrobe and truly crave making it even smaller. It has really opened my eyes to how much having clutter stresses me out. It’s like the thing that pinches my nerve. With 4 kids it’s hard, but I’m definitely working to get rid of our unused/unloved items and embracing that it’s an ongoing process.
        Thanks so much for reading!

    1. My black dress pants are on their last leg (sorry for the bad pun!) but these ponte pants from Brass look well worth the investment! I’m usually a M or 8-10 for bottoms- how do you feel they run size-wise?

      1. Hi Valerie,
        I held off for a long time on the Ponte Pants thinking I had black jeans and black crops that fit the bill. These are totally different and totally worth it! I am surprised at how much I love them. I wear a size 6 pretty typically (5’2″, 135 lbs) and I got the Small. It’s a perfect fit. They’re definitely very fitted, but they are thick enough and hold things in enough that it doesn’t feel too legging-ish. I do know that you can size up and they will fit a little looser if that is more comfortable. Brass is awesome about size returns and exchanges though. Lengthwise they hit right below my ankle bone, so they aren’t too long, but I prefer them shorter, so I’ve been rolling them under until I decide if I want to hem them.
        I hope that helps,

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