Winter 10×10: Outfits 8 – 10

With some long weekends (I’m taking those off because…athleisure) and casual Fridays, the Winter 10×10 is extending into a third week (outfits 1 – 4, outfits 5 – 7). I am still super excited about these items and more than any other 10×10 I’ve tried, this one is really making me crave a smaller wardrobe. I have a pretty lean closet, but these past couple of weeks the easy morning and new combinations have really got me excited about my wardrobe again.

I’m still kind of processing it all and making sure I learn something from the experience, so once I get it figured out, I’ll be back to share more.

Outfit 8

Style Notes

I kept thinking of this as a ‘pastel neutral’ color palette. I don’t know if that’s really a think, but you know what I mean? I feel that this outfit looked better in person than it photographed (or at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself).

I don’t wear belts often (because I don’t tuck often), but I felt that the cropped sweater needed a belt. Unfortunately, I don’t have a true cognac one, so I had to go for a lighter brown (again, I felt like this looked better in the mirror…or maybe because it’s dark when I get ready 🙂). I also debated on what shoe color to wear – it was a tough choice between these and taupe faux suede booties. In the end, the added warmth made me choose this pair.

I added a leather wrap bracelet (which is actually an old watch strap) to tie in the cognac, but stopped there for jewelry.

The Feels

I felt great in this outfit…until I saw the photo. I’m not sure if it’s the outfit itself or just one of those picture days, but I don’t feel it looks as good as I thought. I do like the gray and the beige, so I will try this combination again and maybe look for a better belt or different shoe.

Thanks to a soft base layer tee, I was comfortable with the cropped sweater at work and didn’t worry about moving my arms above my head too much. I was warm and comfortable. Plus, it is casual, but just dressed up enough for work.

Other Ideas

I would also like to try this cropped sweater with a longer layer under it (as long as it doesn’t make my legs look chopped off and short), so this may be a good outfit to add the extra layer in and avoid the belt issue. A scarf in a similar color palette could bring some attention upward and change the look of the outfit. The lighter colors will carry perfectly into spring with a less heavy shoe choice.

Outfit 9

Style Notes

Forever ago, Becky at Cella Jane wore a black blazer, with black crop pants, and Adidas Superstars and I LOVED it. I texted a screenshot of it to my wardrobe BFF an consultant, Andrea, and told her I loved the look, but would never feel cool enough to pull it off.  Fast forward to the Winter 10×10, then I have the pieces needing to be worn. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a risk and force myself to wear something I may normally talk myself out of when I have other options.

I rolled the blazer sleeves slightly for a more casual look and the jeans need to be cuffed because they’re just a tad too long. I did ‘cheat’ on the 10×10 and wore a basic white v-neck tee instead of the gray tee I included because the neckline on the gray is a lower scoop, which I didn’t like with the blazer.

I kept jewelry to a minimum because I couldn’t decide what would work with a blazer and sneakers? Something bling-y felt out of place with the sneakers, though I’m sure it’s something I’d love on someone else.

The Feels

Loved it! It is more casual than I’d normally wear on a Monday, but our dress code is very lenient, so it was no big deal. I’m glad I tried it out and took a bit of a risk, but it is interesting how that makes you feel just a bit more self-conscious throughout the day.

Does anyone else struggle wearing blazers? I just do not find them comfortable for a lot of arm movement (which I do at work). Luckily today, I didn’t do a ton of lecturing, so I wasn’t uncomfortable, but I rarely wear my blazer and I know that’s why.

Other Ideas

I will definitely try another version of this look with my black crop pants to create a ‘suit’ type look. I also think this reminded me that I can mix up my ‘dressier’ pieces with super casual footwear, especially for a fun casual Friday or weekend look.

Outfit 10

Style Notes

This is an outfit that 100% would not have come to life without the 10×10 challenge. I like to layer sweaters over dresses, but usually a more cropped sweater can cause a dress to ride up and become too short (even with tights). Enter the Brass Ponte Pants. Not only were they much warmer than tights, but since they’re a pant I didn’t have to worry about the silk dress riding up too high.

I stuck with the cognac booties to add some warmth and a long tassel necklace to add character (10% off at Natalie Borton here). I just love black and cognac and the little bit of tan is a great addition.

The Feels

I loved how comfortable I felt in the dress knowing I had that extra layer underneath. I didn’t worry about static or wind or it riding up when I wrote on the white board.

Other Ideas

I don’t know how much I would change this specific look, but I will definitely keep the pants under a dress trick in my back pocket when I’m feeling uncomfortable with the length of a dress or just looking for a new way to wear it. The cropped sweater is also a great length with dresses, so I can’t wait to see how it works with others in my closet.
And because I’m loving the items and ease so much (and because I already needed to go two days into a new week), I’ve decided to tag on two bonus looks that I’ll share at the end of the week.

Have you all checked out Lee and Caroline‘s 10×10 wrap ups? And the #winter10x10 on Insta is awesome!

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    1. These looks leave me feeling so inspired! Really, I just sat in front of my closet and built a few outfits for the next week – ha!! And one of them involves a dress over pants. 😉 I really like your jeans in #2, they look so good on you. That whole look is AWESOME, and totally you. I also love the dress/pant combo. Those black ponte pants are really paying off for you!!

      1. Andrea,
        Thanks for the confidence boost! I am so flattered that I was able to inspire a little outfit creativity (are you sure you weren’t just in front of your closet packing :)?).
        Much love to you, my friend!

    1. Loving all your 10×10 looks – given me some great ideas! On a separate note, would love a post some time (though I appreciate you’re a very busy lady!) on your fitness regime. You inspired me to get my butt moving and have now been exercising for nearly a month (very unlike me!) xx

      1. Heidi,
        Thank you so much! And, way to go on starting a new exercise habit. May I ask what you’ve been doing? I would love to share of mine in a post – I will definitely do that soon. Essentially, it’s a lot of early morning quick (30 minute), high-intensity workouts. It’s hard to drag myself out of bed, but the energy later in the day is great!
        Stay tuned 🙂

        1. Great I look forward to that! I’ve been doing a circuit programme (in my kitchen!) but have wondered about the BBG? Anyhow I so admire you for getting up as early as you do – I’m doing mine after work! X

          1. Good for you! I started with BBG, but I switched over to a program from It’s similar – you do 4, 7 minute circuits. I love that it’s quick, but challenging.
            If I wait until afternoon I tend to talk myself out of it 🙂

    1. I love all three looks, especially the blazer and sneakers. I have 3 (or 4) blazers, and I never really wear them either. I don’t work, so everyone always asks why I’m so dressed up whenever I wear one (a blazer and jeans is dressed up??) I have a linen blazer in fuchsia for summer with 3/4 sleeves which is fun with skirts, shorts, over a dress; a dark green velvet blazer that I thrifted but it’s never really fit me right, and a jersey-ish black and white stripe blazer, which I love but can never figure out if I look like a jailbird or a zebra in it.

      I LOVE the look of blazers on other people, I just can’t seem to like them on myself.

      1. Andrea,
        It sounds like we have the same blazer struggles. I have hung on to this black one because I feel like I really want it to work and it should work, but I rarely opt to wear it (which is why I included it in the 10×10…for the 2nd time). I don’t know if it’s time to let it go, or if it’s classic enough to warrant a spot in my wardrobe for those few occasions I do wear it?
        The summer linen blazer sounds so cute – I love the idea of pairing it with shorts!
        Thanks for following along,

    1. I think there must be something about blazers and educators. I love the look and I even like the look on myself, but I just cannot wear blazers to teach. My fallback is cardigans. Fits nicely into the librarian stereotype, but I do often wish I could figure out a different look without a blazer.

      1. Rebecca,
        I 100% prefer wearing cardigans to blazers – they just move easier. I really think that’s my problem. When I’m up teaching and writing/erasing on the board I just always feel the blazer is not comfy. Maybe I’ll save it for testing days 🙂
        Cardigans for the win!

    1. I love the blazer, jeans and sneakers combo on you. I am also inspired to try it out tomorrow. Regarding blazers maybe size up or go for a more relaxed fit. I have a boyfriend style blazer that is very comfy. Also maybe look for a blazer with softer material. I have another blazer that is basically soft like a cardigan but cut like a blazer. Blazers are my jam.

      1. Charissa,
        I have wondered about sizing – thanks for reminding me to look into a boyfriend style. I want blazers to be my jam, so maybe it’s just a sign I haven’t found the perfect one.
        Rock that blazer and jeans for Friday! 🙂

    1. Yeah… I size up on blazers and only own Jersey knit blazers or stretchy fleece blazers. Otherwise, I’m not comfortable teaching. But they are such a great way to make an outfit a bit dressier!

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