Winter 10×10: A Recap and Two Bonus Looks

It’s been spread out over the course of three weeks (thanks to some long weekends and casual Fridays), but I have finally completed the Winter 10×10 Remix. Even better, I was loving the items so much, I added two bonus looks to finish out this week. This has been, by far, my favorite 10×10 (see my other rounds here, here, and here). I didn’t put any extra planning or thought into the items I selected, but somehow they just worked this time. I had a couple of things that were new that I was excited to work with and a few oldies but goodies.

So, let’s take a look at the last two outfits and then get further into my takeaways from this challenge.

Outfit 11

Style Notes

I have loved the gray and black neutrals I included in this 10×10, but I have reached for this Natalie Borton necklace every time. I love the warm tones against the cooler neutral, plus it always ties in my booties. Cognac is my pretty much my favorite ‘color’.

The high waist on these Brass Ponte Pants is the kind of subtle statement detail I’ve been trying to pay attention to in my outfits. Tucking my tee in not only shows off the extra high waist, but also makes the outfit look more ‘planned’ and styled.

I toyed with trying to pull the socks over the bottom of my pants to allow them to show more, but it was just too 80’s stretch pants looking for me. I also cuffed the pants shorter, but felt it cut my leg off and make me look shorter. So, in the end, the socks are a tiny detail that peeks out, but not a major statement.

The Feels

I had a full day professional development meetings, which means a full day of sitting. The ponte pants and comfy layers are the next best thing to wearing pajamas. And, I always wear layers (aka cardigans) to the Ed Center because the temperatures are unpredictable.

I love the way the high waistline looks, but the coverage of the longline cardigan makes it not feel so revealing.

Other Ideas

This look could easily be changed up with a different top layer – a chunky cardigan (with oxfords), a denim jacket (with sneakers), or a blazer (with leopard flats) could all work with the pants and tucked in tee.

Outfit 12

Style Notes

Every time I wear this sweater I love it more. LIke, I actually get excited for the day I have planned to wear it. For my final look I kept things simple by wearing it with jeans and letting the beautiful texture and boxy cut make the statement with the help of these Zara cap toe heels (found on ebay).

I kept all other accessories to a minimum, but I did change the cuff to one larger cuff than the thinner double roll I have been wearing. It felt a little ‘cooler’ and more styled.

The Feels

Pure comfort and confidence. Though this look is so simple, I feel great wearing it.

Other Ideas

I could easily add just about any pair of shoes in my closet to this basic look – they could bring in a pop of color, a pattern, dress it up for a night out, or make it casual enough for a weekend with the kids.

The Recap

You may remember I chose nine items (which you can see here), but did not count shoes or accessories. From those nine items I created the these twelve outfits, which I wore over the course of three work weeks.

Three Takeaways from my Winter (10×10) Remix

Smaller is better.  

Shortly after the New Year a picture of a small, neat closet showed up in my Pinterest feed and it really caught my eye (much like the capsule wardrobes did a few years ago). Since I haven’t kept a strict count on the number of items in my closet and I’m trying to keep more of clothing available year round I have definitely noticed my closet feels more cluttered.

I think I’m really craving a smaller wardrobe. I have purged a ton and my closet feels very well thought out, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I did a random purge a couple of weeks ago and easily got rid of 20 items that I just didn’t love.

This round of the 10×10 has really showed me how much easier it is to work with less. It was easier to get dressed, I was more organized in planning my outfits, and I felt the relief of not having decisions fatigue (it’s a thing…for real).

The difference between LOVE and really, really like.

I have a few new pieces in here that I’ve patiently been saving up and waiting for. And I love them. Truly adore them. As in, I want to wear them every day. Slow fashion at its best. I really cannot think of a piece of clothing I’ve wanted to wear more than this Jamie + the Jones Tee Sweater (it’s sold out, but keep an eye out for restock). Same with these Brass Ponte Pants, I don’t know if I’ve felt more confident wearing something. They fit perfectly and hold everything in. These items have set the standard high and really made me feel the difference between LOVE and really, really like.

The power of detail.

I think one of the biggest successes of this 10×10 is breaking out of my simple pants and sweater slump I was in. I wasn’t putting much effort or creativity into my outfits recently, which is not possible when the option of just picking a different item to make a new outfit is removed. Moving forward, I plan to put more effort into a Sunday evening outfit planning session, complete with creative layering combinations, the small style details (think socks, pant length, cuffs, texture, etc.), and well thought out accessorizing.

Other Random Notes
  • I did ‘cheat’ once by substituting a white v-neck tee for the gray tee because I liked the neckline better with the blazer.
  • I did not count footwear in my nine items, but I did consistently wear my cognac ankle booties (I’ve had them for a few years, but they’re still available here).
  • When in doubt, I accessorize with a Natalie Borton necklace (10% off your order here).
  • I did not miss wearing color. Neutrals with interesting shapes and textures is it for me.

A huge thanks to Lee and Caroline for hosting and pulling together a little 10×10 community on Instagram (check it out at #winter10x10).

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    1. Paige I love every single one of your outfits! I would wear all of them, as each has a relaxed, effortless vibe while still being chic. Your 10×10 was far and away my favorite out of all the bloggers I follow. I have bookmarked this page and will be referencing it as I am inspired to recreate some of your looks in my life. Thanks again and great job!

      1. Heidie,
        Thank you so much for your kind words! I really loved this combination of items – in fact, I’m kind of bummed to have to think beyond them for this week’s outfits – it feels daunting! I appreciate you following along!

    1. Thank you, Paige! Loved following along here, on this 10×10. And am very much wanting your Jamie + the Jones sweater 🙂

      Overall though, I too am craving less rather than more. My closet is tiny…and is missing a few basics (most especially, more scarves, hats and a proper coat for wintertime here in BC, Canada!). And yet, there are things in there that aren’t the *perfect* fit…so I’m keeping but not really wearing.

      After this 10×10, another edit is near. Love your thoughts around love vs. really, really like. Super-helpful for me at this stage!

      1. Dana,
        I am completely with you on another edit. I just stood in front of my closet trying to think of a few outfits for next week and I really don’t feel like wearing anything as much as some of the 10×10 items. It is very eye opening! I think this is the first time I’ve really felt that and it’s been a while since I’ve wanted ‘less’ so badly. I’d love to hear how your edit and closet continues to take shape.
        And yes, the J+J sweater is so amazing!!

    1. hey paige! i have LOVED following your outfits and style over the past few months. I was wondering…where did you get your jeans that you are wearing in your winter capsule wardrobe? xoxo

      1. Hi Emily,
        Thanks so much for following along! The jeans are a hand-me-down from my sister, but they are from Target (Mossimo Straight Leg). I’m not sure this link is to the exact pair, but they look very similar. Hope that helps!

    1. These look amazing, Paige! I BARELY survived my 10 X 10 😉 ! I did manage to eliminate a few items from my wardrobe that weren’t working for me or which photographed HORRIBLY and shed some light on a few fit problems.

      Your photos are great and the outfits even better! I enjoy keeping up (and…maybe absorbing and being inspired by) your style!

      Holly J

      1. Thanks so much, Holly! It’s so interesting about how the way items photo changes our view of them. I have a few items that I *think* I love, but in pictures they don’t look quite as good as I think they do in the mirror….just a bad photo day…or the real view?! 🙂 It’s probably a good way to help narrow down items if you’re unsure if they belong in your closet, that’s for sure!

        Thanks so much for following along!

    1. Paige,

      Loved these posts and you’ve inspired me to give neutrals a go!! I usually grab color, but I love how you accesorized and I think it could help me streamline my closet a little more. I think my biggest challenge is I gravitate towards navy much more than black, but there’s a lot more options for black out there. Also, for being a new full time working mom, you’ve given me some ideas of how to look professional without it being boring! Thanks again!

      1. Robin,
        Thanks for saying hi! I used to be all about color…I think I felt that neutrals meant boring. It’s only been the past year or so that I’ve just embraced that I’m more drawn to neutrals, but I’m definitely trying to add texture and unique cuts (and accessories) to keep it interesting, because otherwise I did still feel boring.

        One part I do like is how easy it is to mix and match everything in my closet, so I can have fewer items and get ready quicker in the mornings.

        Congrats on being a new mom! How old is your little one?


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