Winter Capsule: Accessories

I don’t count shoes, jewelry, or other accessories as part of my capsules. I mean, that would just be too crazy – I LOVE my shoes and I love having different options, especially when I’m limiting my wardrobe. Nothing new here, but accessories are the best way to change up the look and feel of an outfit.

That being said, I have seriously cut down on the amount of shoes and jewelry I own. I wanted to share some of my favorite shoes and accessories that you’ll see throughout my winter capsule. There are others in my closet, but these are the ones that are worn the most.


I’m not a huge high heel person, so you’ll notice I stick to booties and flats most of the time. I love having a few bright colors or print options to add some fun to an outfit, and I obviously have a thing for leopard shoes 🙂

shoe collage


So, I just don’t know about this whole blanket scarf trend. I love love love the plaids and different colors and scarves are a great way to ‘style up’ a simple winter outfit (thinking about that 3rd completer piece). But… they’re a little hard to wear, though cutting all of mine in half helped. And they’re just so darn popular that I almost feel like I don’t like them anymore due to the overexposure (almost like Adele and Hello…gasp…I’m not there yet but I feel the overexposure is coming).

winter scarves

So, I kept them, but I’m not sure how much they’ll be worn this winter. I also have a fur scarf, a black and white plaid scarf, and a couple of knit infinity scarves. Over winter break I added two new scarves: a long gray knit scarf from Zara I found on Ebay and a multicolor scarf from Nordstrom. The Zara one I love, but I need to mess around with how to wear it – it’s veeeeery long. And the Nordstrom one is thicker than I expected, so it’s in the blanket scarf category. I’m not sure if I should return it or cut it in half. I love the colors, but I’m going to sleep on it a few nights before I decide.


For a long time I loved the huge statement necklaces, but more recently I’ve been drawn more to more subtle, classic pieces. These are some of my favorites.

The necklace with my kids’ names is my go to for every day. It’s from this shop, Classy Mama Designs, which I love! The leopard bracelet is from another small shop, Love Andrea’s Closet, that I’m a huge fan of. Most of the other pieces are items from Rocksbox that I’ve been sent and decided to keep using referral credits.

capsule jewelry

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Most of my pieces are old, but here are some links to similar items.

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    1. Haha! I love your overexposure comments – both on Adele and scarves! I feel that way all the time about items, I start to cringe if they are ‘overexposed’ and then decide not to buy the item or to stop wearing them. I kind of want some black Arizona birkenstocks for summer, but I think they’ve reached overexposure status.

      Your shoe collection is lovely! I love the red pointed ones, and yes, leopard is so good.

      1. Glad you feel the same about clothes. It seems silly – like if I like them I should wear them, but some of the love has faded due to them being all over IG. As for the Birks…I’m a big fan. I LOVE my Birks (I had them in high school/college, wore through them, then they weren’t cool anyway, and I replaced them 2 summer ago and they’re my fave. I have the tobacco color, but I always think about adding black too. Maybe you’d like one of the other styles?

    1. Cutting blanket scarves in half is GENIUS! I am going to that. I have one that I love but can’t stand for more than 5 minutes because it’s so dang bulky.

      1. It made a huge difference! I still feel like they’re a little much for indoors, but definitely wearable. Do you think you’ll try it?

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