Winter Capsule Outfits: Week 2

I am calling this the week of Mondays. Boy, this first week after break kind of kicked my rear. My own kids were tired and pretty grumpy all week, my students were also tired and pretty grumpy. And all of that made me pretty tired and grumpy 🙂

But we’ve survived and I have strong hope that next week everyone will be more adjusted to our usual routine.

Here’s a look at my outfits for the week. My primary goal this week was to be comfortable with the extra few pounds I inevitably put on over the holidays. It doesn’t seem to matter how prepared I feel for the two weeks of family gatherings, cookies, drinks, and extra-ness of it all. I always come out on the other side heavier.


style notes

I lasted about 20 minutes in my jeans this morning before deciding to go back upstairs for some stretchy pants. Maybe Sunday after the holidays isn’t the best day to wash my jeans? We didn’t have students, so I was able to get away with a super casual outfit one more day.


the items

T-shirt (fall 2017 c/o Tapered Collection) / size small

Joggers (2015 from Walmart, similar)

Shoes (fall 2016 secondhang Adidas)


would I rather be wearing something else?

Nah, I think for easing back into the work week and feeling less than great about those few pounds, this was a great option. I’m not sure these Adidas are really ‘me’, but I don’t want to purge them too hastily.


style notes

What’s the next best thing to sweats when your regular pants aren’t fitting? A dress, of course! I only kept two dresses in my winter capsule, so I had the choice between a white one that required more styling effort to winterize it and this basic black dress. I wasn’t totally sold on the snug fit post-holiday, but I decided to just go with it.

I chose fun leopard oxfords to keep the look casual and interesting. I wore a delicate gold necklace, because I prefer to let the dress be the focus of the look.


the items

Dress (spring 2017 Brass Clothing) / size medium, unfortunately sold out in most sizes

Shoes (2013 I think?, secondhand Target)


would I rather be wearing something else?

89.5% no. I had a few moments where I was self-conscious of the body con fit of the dress. But, with as busy as the day was and as hard as I was having to think to get back into my ‘teacher ways’, they were fleeting.


style notes

These black jeans are more forgiving fit-wise than many of my other bottoms, so they were an easy choice. I am surprised how often I’ve reached for these jeans since purchasing them during fall. A simple tee and cardigan I hadn’t worn in a while completed my mid-week outfit. I tucked in my shirt to create a more polished and styled feel. I took advantage of the warm day to wear my clogs and added a necklace to pull it all together.


the items

Sweater (fall 2017 Old Navy) / size medium

Jeans (fall 2017 Everlane) / Modern Boyfriend Fit – sized down 1 for straight leg fit

T-shirt (fall 2017 c/o Tapered Collection) / size small

Clogs (winter 2017 Lotta From Stockholm) / run slightly big

Necklace (winter 2017 c/o Natalie Borton) / get 10% off with code PAIGE10


would I rather be wearing something else?

No. This is a combination I am totally comfortable in and I love the pop of color from the sweater.


style notes

This fitted crew neck sweater is an easy match with my wide leg pants. I definitely prefer to pair these pants with a close-fitting top – that is a proportion I have found that works with my short height. I did a slight front tuck to avoid cutting across my hips and making my bottom half look square.


the items

Sweater (Christmas 2017 gift, Everlane) / size small

Pants (winter 2017, Everlane) / stretch with wear, so could size down for more snug fit

Boots (winter 2017 Forever 21, ethical option)

Belt (fall 2016 Gap)

Necklace (fall 2017 c/o Natalie Borton) / get 10% off with code PAIGE10


would I rather be wearing something else?

Not really. I will probably always be more comfortable in straight leg pants than I am in wide leg pants, but I don’t think that means I should give up the wide legs.

It’s almost that time...Lee and Caroline are hostessing the Winter 10×10 very soon! I’ve done quite a few of the 10×10 Style Challenges, so I’m sure I’ll jump on board this one too. I’m trying to decide if I should choose items that I haven’t worn yet this winter? Or maybe keep the items really basic (think jeans and simple tops) and experiment with how to up-style these pieces with accessories or styling tricks?
What do you think – is there something you’d like me to try to show with my 10×10? Are you going to join in this round?

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    1. I am thinking of trying the 10×10 this time! I keep looking at them, but I’m kind of worried I won’t like it. I know I need to try something different with my closet and my outfits and want the challenge…. But
      Do you have any tips for someone trying it for the first time?

      1. Krysta,
        My first piece of advice is to not take it too seriously or overthink it. It can be so easy to try to pick the ‘perfect’ combination of pieces and that takes the fun out of it. Just try to choose 10 pieces that have a similar enough color palette that most will mix and match. The past few rounds I have only chosen 8 items and left 2 ‘wild card’ spots for any shoes I want to wear – this makes it so much more enjoyable for me.

        I usually choose 3 bottoms, 1 dress, 3 tops/sweaters, and 1 cardigan/layering piece. This combination leaves me with plenty of options.

        Maybe try it for 5 days and if you’re still feeling it, add on another day or 2 at a time. And if you choose 10 and decide halfway through that something isn’t working or you need 11 items, then no big deal!! It’s totally worth giving it a try though.

        Keep me posted,

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