Winter Capsule Stats

I’m already halfway though my Winter Capsule (how is that possible??!!), so I thought it was time to do a check in and see what I’m wearing most and least (or not at all). I love this part of the capsule – I think it’s so important to really look at what you’re not wearing and why. When my closet was jam-packed full this was not as obvious because I had tons of pieces that didn’t get worn just due to quantity – and a lot of times it was my favorite (because I like to save the best for last).

Having a chance to really sit down and think about what I’m wearing, and more valuably what I’m not wearing gives me more insight into my style, but also helps me plan my next capsule.

I have 35 items hanging in my closet right now, including work, weekend, and the shirts I keep just for spirit Fridays at work.

Of the 35 items:
  • 8 items have not been worn at all
  • 11 other items have only been worn once

Here’s a look at the items I haven’t worn yet and why:

unworn winter items

Gray sweatshirt, Camo skinny jeans, Royal blue sweatshirt – all of these have the same issue. They are too small. I can get them all on, but I don’t feel good in them, so I don’t wear them. I thought I had learned my lesson about this, but apparently not 🙂

Blue plaid and Navy gingham shirts – so far if I’ve worn a flannel or a plaid, I’ve reached for my blue or red buffalo check shirts. And I really haven’t liked those outfits as much, so I’m starting to wonder if I’m not a flannel button down type of gal?! I think they usually feel a bit too masculine to me, unless they’re paired with a more feminine piece. On Fridays I usually go for jeans and sneaker, so that may be why I don’t like them. The blue plaid and blue buffalo check are only in my wardrobe as options on spirit day, I would not have chosen them otherwise.

Bird print blouse – I like it, I really do. I’m just not sure how to style it to make it feel more put together. When I wear it with black pants I feel like it’s too “grown up”, so maybe with distressed jeans to off-set the formal feel of a blouse? I had this blouse (and another striped one) in my Fall Capsule and they didn’t get much wear then either. Hmmm… Not a plaid, flannel person and not a blouse person…maybe I’m learning something here.

Black moto jacket – I was on the fence about even adding this to my capsule, and put it in at the last second after seeing a few cute posts on IG of women wearing moto jackets. I’d like to try to wear it a bit to see if it’s a keeper or if it’s time to leave that look to someone else.

Black blazer – I’m really not sure why I haven’t shown the blazer some love? I love the look of a blazer and jeans and I feel like it fits into my style goals. I need to make a conscious effort to wear this more!!

When I look at the items I’ve worn once, I think it really comes down to quantity of items. I have 6 layering pieces (cardigans or jackets) and 6 pullover style sweaters and maybe that’s just too many, especially of the pullover sweaters that aren’t quite as versatile as the layering pieces. This is definitely something I’ll think about next time.

My most worn items have been my gray joggers (hello 2 weeks of work!), both pairs of jeans, my black shirt dress, my gray long sleeve tee, and burgundy long sleeve tee. The sweats and tees are worn a lot because those are my weekend go-to pieces and I repeat my weekend outfits a lot. Most of the sweaters and cardigans I’ve worn two, maybe three times, so lots of more styling opportunities in the next 6 weeks!

I’m considering taking out a few items and working with an even more consolidated closet for the final month just to see if I can and how it feels.

Do you have items in  your closet that you always skip over? Or, have you identified items that just aren’t “you” that you no longer even consider for your wardrobe?

I’d love to hear some of your closet mistakes that have taught you a lesson.

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