Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I am so excited to show you all what I’ve selected to include in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. I started the capsule idea when I was choosing maternity wear, but I count the fall as my first capsule because that’s when I really weeded through my entire wardrobe to chose my capsule. I have the capsule wardrobe so far, so I’m looking forward to continuing the journey to finding my style and simplifying my life.

winter capsule

How I Chose Items:

I started working on my list of items at the beginning of November by writing down my must-have items. These were things like jeans, black denim, striped tee, a favorite sweater, a plaid shirt, a dress, a chambray shirt, and a few items from my fall capsule that I absolutely loved. This worked out to be 22 items.

I then looked for holes in the wardrobe. Items I knew I wanted to add, but didn’t own or needed to replace. Then, I started shopping (and second-guessing and returning). I’m a very indecisive person, so choosing colors and styles and deciding which items were best was hard. I found the more I shopped, the more confused I got ,and I really started to overthink things. I also noticed my shopaholic ways creeping in, once I started browsing online stores I kind of couldn’t stop and I had a million carts loaded up all across the internet.

The idea of purchasing items to be worn over and over feels like much more of a commitment, which it should. It made the decision making even harder for me, because I wasn’t sure I was getting it right. Then I remembered that this is fun, and it’s a learning experience. If one of my choices turns out to be not right or if I exclude something I wished I had, then I’ll learn for it and be that much closer to finding my style. Life will not end if my capsule isn’t perfect!

I also had to re-focus on finding items that I loved wearing and not so much on trying to reach that magic number 37. I also took a look at what did and didn’t work for me during the Fall Capsule and kept my goals in mind. In the end, if I had any doubt if an item belonged in my capsule, I decided not include it.

In the end, I have 35 items (19 carried over from fall, 12 new, and 4 that had been in storage) which includes weekend wear and my spirit Friday wear. You may remember, in my Fall Capsule, I separated these and did not count them, so I had 48 items total. I decided to try to go even more minimal to help me get more creative with styling my items, but also to discover if there is anything I’m really, really missing. I didn’t count accessories or shoes.

I also completely reserve the right to add in my cream corduroy pants at the exact moment I can fit into them again 😉

What I Bought:

I ended up adding 12 new items, which is much more than I would expect to need for a new capsule. I purged most of my old sweaters because they were in pretty bad condition or I kind of hated them, so I did replace a lot of them. I also added some new items in more flattering cuts or larger sizes for my postpartum shape.

  • 2 chunky knit sweaters:
    • Old Navy Blush Turtleneck Sweater ($25 but I used credit card rewards, so $0 for me) – I knew I wanted a lighter color sweater since I felt a lot of my wardrobe was dark colors. This sweater really caught my eye and is very soft and cozy.
    • Gap Charcoal Cable Knit Sweater ($30 but I used credit card rewards, so $3.11 for me) – I love cable knit sweaters and the few I had from a couple of years ago were in rough shape, so I replaced them with this dark gray one. I tried a few different ones, but I liked the weight and feel of this one best.
  • 2 thinner sweaters
    • Express Camel Circle Hem Sweater ($25 on sale) – I struggled with this because I loved the fit and color, but worried that I had too much camel in my capsule. I even had it all packaged up to return by mail and ended up running out to the mailbox to get it. I loved this sweater, so it seemed silly to send it back when I’ve realized how hard it is to find items you feel great in, which is kind of the point of all of this.
    • Baukjen Camel Faux Wrap Sweater (c/o) – Baukjen, which is a sister company to Isabella Oliver, contacted me recently and offered to send me an item. I would be crazy to turn down a free sweater, am I right? I chose this faux wrap sweater because I love the muted color and the cut is nursing friendly and covers up my postpartum belly.
  • 2 cardigans
    • Express Olive Green Waffle Stitch Cardigan ($35) – I originally ordered this in black, but decided (after much back and forth) that the olive green was a better fit for me. The fit is perfect and it stays on my shoulders and I love that it covers my butt.
    • Camel Cardigan from Asos ($29) – Another camel sweater! I just really love the color and I’m more drawn to camel than to gray as a neutral. This is a similar style to the Express one, but I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.
  •  Pairs of jean
    • Gap Trouser Jeans ($15, but I used credits so $0) – I love that I can wear jeans to work any day, but I like the more professional look of the trouser jeans, so I added a pair to my wardrobe. I got these on Thred Up (use this link for a $20 credit)!
    • I am still looking for a pair of medium – dark wash skinny jeans that hit my ankles in a size that fits me now.
  • 2 long sleeve tees
    • Old Navy Burgundy tee ($8.40) – this was a bit of an impulse buy in an attempt to add a bit of color to my wardrobe.
    • American Eagle Striped Jegging Tee ($27) – I have this same tee in white from fall and it is super soft and comfy and I love the longer length. A striped tee is a must-have for me and mine was in horrible condition, so I replaced it with this one.
  • Old Navy Blue Buffalo Check Flannel shirt ($) I bought this to add to my tops for casual Fridays when we’re asked to wear our school color, which is royal blue.
  • Old Navy Jersey Leggings ($11.40, but I paid $1.57 after using credits) – I love thicker leggings and my last pair I had worn so much they looked horrible. These Old Navy leggings come in petite length are really thick and comfy.
  • Cognac Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($18, but $0 after using credits) – just because I LOVE it!!

What I Spent:


What I Sold:

I sold 2 sweatshirts, 1 top, 1 skirt, and 4 pair of pants for $64.50 on Poshmark. I also gave another sweatshirt to a friend, and have a bag in the works to send to Thred Up. I’m continuing to clean out my closet and purge items that I don’t absolutely love.

Shop It:

Most of my items are older, but I did link similar items on this page.

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      1. Becky, I’ll be really interested to see if I like the neutrals or get bored. I just wasn’t “feeling” any color this round. My camo pants only fit about half the time ;), so hopefully I can start wearing them more consistently if I can avoid too much holiday junk! (yeah right)!!

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