Winter Capsule: Week 1 Recap

I’ve decided to try something new with my posts for the Winter Capsule. Instead of daily posts, I’m going to do one post to recap my outfits for the entire week.

I think that I’ve mentioned a few times that I have 4 kids 😉 and I also teach full time, so it was getting hard to get posts ready every day. I definitely want to continue to share as many looks as I can, because not only will it keep me motivated to find new ways to wear my clothes, butI think the best part of the capsule is seeing how many ways the items can be styled. I’m hoping by doing fewer posts I can still show you all of my daily outfits, focus on creating more quality content as well, and keep blogging fun!

Here’s an look at my outfits for the week (you can always see daily posts over on Instagram too).


This is a simple layered look combining a lot of neutrals (which you’ll be seeing a lot of – you may have noticed a LOT of neutrals in my capsule this time). I’ve been contemplating cutting some holes in the knees of these jeans to add a bit of interest and style. These are still maternity jeans, but I love the fit and the length and the slight faded black, so I’m having a hard time getting rid of them. 🙂 Plus, who doesn’t love stretchy pants after the Thanksgiving weekend?!

black denim camel gap jacket 2

leopard tassel necklace

Bracelet is only $7 from Love Andrea’s Closet


A blazer and tee is one of my all time favorite looks, but one I rarely wear. I hope to change that this winter since I won’t have as many other outfit options to distract me from what I really want to wear. This graphic tee is old, but it’s so soft and comfy and fits loose enough for me to feel comfortable in.

tee and blazer 2

Bar necklace has all 4 of my kids’ names from Classy Mama Designs


You know, I love both of these pieces, but I really don’t think I like them paired together? It felt a little too “adult” for me. What? A 37-year-old doesn’t want to look adult?!  It’s just not the casual work look I’ve found I really like. This sweater has a bit of a dressed-up feel, so I think I’d like it better paired with more casual jeans and booties instead.

baukjen wrap sweater

rocksbox and stella & dot

Necklace was a gift from a friend – it’s from Stella & Dot. The ring and earrings are from Rocksbox (try it free with code STYLETHISLIFEXOXO)


This will probably be my winter “uniform”. These Old Navy jersey leggings are really great if you’re looking for some. They are thick enough to not feel too legging-ish and have a wide elastic waistband that doesn’t make too much of a muffin top if that’s something you struggle with. I love that they also have the Petite (for shorties like me) and Tall lengths available online.

I also discovered that I’m very picky about cardigans. I purged a ton that I never wore, so I thought I just wasn’t a cardigan person. Turns out, if the cardigan fits right and doesn’t feel too “momish” I love them! I tried on quite a few and I can always tell immediately if I’m going to like them. They have to just hang nicely and not always need to be adjusted or pulled back up over my shoulders. I knew this one from Express was a keeper right away.

olive cardigan and leggings 2

olive cardigan and leggings 1


And, casual Friday is here! We are asked to dress wearing our school color on Fridays, so instead of always wearing t-shirts or sweatshirts from our school, I started adding regular clothes with royal blue. This flannel is a new addition for winter.

I’ve definitely decided I need to get more serious about my quest for a great pair of skinny jeans that fit me now. These just aren’t cutting it. I don’t like the color or the fit. I did order a pair on Thred Up last night, so fingers crossed they work. Use this link to get a $20 credit to shop Thred Up.

blue buffalo check 1

I hope you all like the new blog post plan I have and I always welcome input and feedback, as well as any questions.

Thanks for reading!


Here are some links to a few of the items I wore this week. More items for the entire capsule linked here.

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    1. Looking good! I think the weekly recap posts are great! I’m also jealous of your outfit shooting spot. I had a perfect one at our old house, and now I don’t have one, hence more flatlays on IG.

      1. Thank you, Becky! I had to set up a little corner of the basement for pics because it was to unreliable outside and there is not another clear wall space anywhere in our house. Oh, the blogging problems 🙂

    1. So many great looks! You are so good and putting yourself together my friend!

      Your graphic tee cracks me up!

      And I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to look too ‘adult.’ But not like a teenager either! Oh, the balance. That express cardigan is super cute btw.

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