Winter Capsule: Week 11 Recap

Week two of the 20 items | 21 days Mini Capsule Challenge complete. Last week I wore 19 of my 20 items (the green cardigan is the only thing that I didn’t use), so after some laundry over the weekend I was ready to start again. I felt pretty good about re-mixing my items to create new looks, but I’m really missing my shoes. Having only 4 pair seems so boring!! The weather has been unseasonably warm this week, so I planned my outfits accordingly…basically…not as many layers and I saved my tee short for the warmest day.

Over the weekend, I stuck to the capsule. I wore my black joggers with the camel swing sweater on Saturday. This is a combo I never would have thought of, but thanks to most of my wardrobe being in the dirty laundry, that’s what I put together and I liked it! I have a tendency to dress pretty casual on weekends and not put forth a ton of effort – it was nice to wear a sweater I’d typically only wear to work and feel a little more put together. Sunday I wore leggings and a sweater (so fancy for the weekend ;))and my slippers for a day around the house.


We had the day off of school for President’s Day and I was still in full-on weekend mode, so I stuck with my leggings and a comfy tee for finishing up chores and play time around the house. I did have to run out for one quick errand, so I threw on booties and a hat to cover my unwashed day 5 hair.
gray tee and leggings 1


I am clearly loving the trick of wearing a striped tee under an otherwise “typical” outfit to add some style. But hey, when something works for you…stick with it!
burgundy and stripes 3 burgundy and stripes 1


Oh my gosh, I love this color combo! I have been really bored with my black jeans and these light gray pair (AG brand) I scored from Thred Up are such a welcome change. I love the cool gray and warm camel color combo as a way to spice up my neutrals. Mini capsule win!! I don’t know that I would have paired these if the capsule didn’t kind of force me to.

camel and gray 2 express camel sweater


Temperatures were in the 70’s today. In February. Talk about messing with my capsule!! I do have one t-shirt I included, so that’s what I wore today out of necessity. I kept it simple with black bootcut jeans and brown leather accessories (earrings from Nickel and Suede, bag from Lily Jade, bar necklace from Classy Mama Designs).

brass tee and bootcut jeans 5

brass tee and bootcut jeans nickel and suede earrings

brass tee and bootcut jeans 1 brass tee and bootcut jeans 2

Every morning I do my best to be up and ready about 10 minutes before we need to wake up the kids so I can run downstairs to snap my daily outfit pics for the blog. Thursday morning this little cuteness came down to find me and take her picture too 🙂 She’s got some great print-mixing going on – stripes and hearts in coordinating colors.

brass tee and bootcut jeans 4


Double denim for Friday’s look, which is one of my favorite discoveries since using capsules. I added some simple leopard accessories and called it good. This is my fallback casual Friday outfit.

double denim 1 double denim 2

My favorite outfit this week was the gray and camel combination from Wednesday. I loved the muted neutrals and bit of leopard. My least favorite was Monday. Mostly because it’s just a blah outfit, but I also don’t think this style of hat is for me. Or at least I haven’t figured out how to feel comfortable wearing it – like I belong in it.

I always think the start of a new capsule is a great time to re-evaluate the blog (the posts, how often, my photos, the layout) and make any changes. So, I wanted to ask you – what is working and what is not working for you as a reader? Is there something you’d like to see or done differently? I’d love to hear any constructive feedback, so let me know!

Have a great weekend 🙂


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    1. Great looks Paige! I love Wednesday! One thing I am learning about myself, I really tone tonal pallets when dressing. You’ve done that so beautifully here.

      1. Thank you, friend! I am definitely excited for some lighter neutrals in my spring capsule – just a little bit of brightening up!

      1. Thank you, Becky! I think due to the “safe” items I chose for the capsule, my outfits are feeling very classic, which I’m liking. I didn’t pick anything too trendy, so I have a lot of simple, timeless pieces I’m working with. I’m off to check out your week 2 🙂

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