Winter Capsule: Week 12 Recap

First off, I’m laughing at the collage above – I think I shrunk between Tuesday and Wednesday 🙂 And, I’m growing my hair out a bit, so excuse the growing pains I’m suffering right now!

Ok, now on to the outfits…

This is technically my final week of my Winter Capsule, though I’m a bit up in the air about starting Spring next week. We have a spirit week at school in 2 week, so I may just start spring after that. 😉

This week also wraps up the last week of the 20 item 21 day mini capsule challenge. Over the next week I’ll be posting full recaps of both my winter and mini capsule outfits.

Let’s do a recap!


A week or so ago I posted about not feeling like I had any other ways to style my blazer except to pair it with jeans and a tee. My friend, Andrea, suggested I try it with my joggers, so this final week of the 20 item challenge was a perfect opportunity. My joggers have a high waistband, so it was also an experiment with tucking a tee into the high waist. I like it! I also got two compliments from my high school students, so that is always a positive in my book!

joggers and blazer 2 joggers and blazer 3


It was a bit cooler today than it has been the past couple of weeks so I took advantage and layered up. I joked that I was wearing 25% of my entire wardrobe in this single outfit 🙂

I think the extra layers may look a bit too puffy on my smaller frame, but I liked the general idea of it, so I may try it again with a tank top or lightweight shirt as a layer.

I added my Natalie Borton necklace and simple booties.

layers 3 layers 1 layers 4


Black and camel – my favorite winter color combo. And add some stripes and a touch of leopard and it’s a winner! I also love the longer sleeve length layered with the 3/4 length.

camel and stripes 2 camel and stripes 4 camel and stripes 5


I love the pale neutrals in this outfit. These gray skinny jeans I found at Thred Up are making a huge contribution to my capsule. I also noticed that I liked the outfit much more when I did a little front tuck with the sweater. Take a look at the first two photos below…isn’t it amazing how the smallest change makes the outfit seem much “cooler”?

blush and gray 3 blush and gray 2 blush and gray 1


After surviving 4 days as a single mom this week (hubby was out of town) and a baby who is waking up every few hours I just kept it simple this morning. Striped tee, jeans, sneakers. Comfy, casual, simple, and that is okay sometimes.

striped tee and new balance 4-001 striped tee and new balance 2 striped tee and new balance 1-001

Overall, I loved Wednesday’s outfit the best. And although Friday’s is pretty basic, I really like it.

I look forward to spending some time this weekend recapping the entire 21 days to see if there are any big takeaways.

As I head into a new blog “season” starting with my spring capsule I’d love to hear if you have any comments, suggestions, things you’d like to see, or questions I can answer. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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    1. You always look terrific in jeans! I dont really have any right now, but want to add a pair or two to my wardrobe, and I’m kind of lost in terms of what style/rise/length to try… Could you share a bit about the styles you prefer? Thank you!!

      1. Thank you, Heather! First off, I am a HUGE fan of bootcut jeans and I am so happy they’re becoming popular again. I think they’re the most flattering cut. I always wear mine with a slight 2-3″ heel, so I shop for a little longer length with those – I like them to be just slighly above the ground when I wear my heels. For skinny jeans I have discovered by trial and error that I prefer them to be a cropped, ankle length. Since I’m short I think most of my jeans are actually capri style for regular people and just slightly cropped on me. I measured the inseam on jeans I liked and now when I shop online I know exactly what measurement works best for me. It’s definitely trial and error though – I’d suggest trying on all of your jeans and really pay attention to what you do and do not like about each pair. I’ve bought almost all of my jeans on Thred Up because I’m able to afford higher end brands than I would elsewhere.

        Thanks again for reading along!

    1. Oooo! I just love Monday’s look, and the high waist on those joggers is so awesome! Isn’t it funny how teens can be so on point about style sometimes. I also really like Wednesday as well.

      Well done friend! I am glad you survived the single-mom days this week, glad he is back!

      1. Thanks for the great idea! I loved the high waist when I got them because it covered up my postpartum belly some, but it’s a fun way to add some trendiness to an outfit too. And yes, my students are pretty stylish!! It’s fun to see the young version of the trends!

    1. Hi! I just stopped by to say I love your blog. I adore your style and I feel like I can relate being a ‘teacher-mum-of-3’!! (from Australia!!) I have loved all of these looks from your Winter Capsule, the blush jumper/sweater and grey jeans from this week is a great combo. I’m looking forward to seeing your Spring Capsule and upcoming blog posts. Just a question (totally not related to outfits) but how did you find the transition going back to full time work after having your kids? Any tips??!! This will be me next school year! Thanks and love your work 🙂

      1. Anna,
        First, thank you so much for reading along and taking the time to comment – I truly appreciate it! And I love hearing from other teacher-moms. What do you teach? And how old are your kids?

        As for the transition, the best I have is to be kind to yourself and to allow yourself to not have it all “together”. Pick your priorities and identify other places you’d be okay letting some things go. For example, could I dust and vacuum more often? Absolutely, especially with 4 little kids and their crumbs. But, I know for my sanity, I’d rather spend an hour after bedtime watching mindless TV and decompressing rather than scrambling to clean up every last corner of the house. For someone else, this may drive them nuts, so they’d have to put that first and let something else go.

        I try to organize as much as I can on weekends – meal plan, grocery shop, do all laundry, clean up, go through paperwork.

        I also am working on simplifying life – thus the jump to the capsule wardrobe 🙂 Less stuff, less clutter, less to worry about and care for.

        I hope that helps a little bit, but you’ll totally figure it out – that’s what we busy mommas do!

        Have a great day,

        1. Hi Paige,
          Thanks so much for the tips! Yes, it’s true – we just figure out as we go a lot of the time, don’t we! I am an Early Childhood Teacher – which is from Pre Kindergarten up to Year 2 (Second Grade!) in Australia. At the moment I am teaching Kindergarten and Pre Primary part time. My kids are 7, 6 and 4 🙂
          Take care,

    1. Paige,
      I love that you share your chill out days (stripe top and jeans) and blazer days and somehow you always look out-together and polished! You have found a style that suits you well and I look forward to reading about your take-always from the 21 day challenge!

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