Winter Capsule: Week 13 Recap

Bonus week from my winter capsule! 🙂

I decided to add on one more week of my 20 item mini capsule. Next week is Spirit Week at school, which means there are themes for getting dressed each day. To me, it made more sense to wait until after an “off” capsule week to start my spring capsule.

So, this is my final week of my winter closet. Next week I won’t be sharing my outfit pics here, but I will recap my full winter capsule and go into more detail about the lessons I took away from the mini capsule challenge.

Let’s get into this week:


Looking back at all of my outfits with bootcut jeans I realized I hadn’t tried pairing them with a longer cardigan. I think the bootcut jeans balance the bulkiness of this sweater that sometimes feels frumpy, so I really like the combination. Honestly, I just love bootcut jeans in general. I feel so much slimmer in them than my skinnies.

bootcuts and cardigan 2 bootcuts and cardigan 3


I realized I hadn’t paired my blazer with my striped tee yet, so this was an obvious choice for switching up my looks. And I really can’t say enough how happy I am to have added these gray skinnines. They’re perfect for work and I love that they take a traditional jeans and tee combination to a different style level. I finished off the look with these sleek, lightweight leather earrings from Nickel and Suede. This style is called the Accent Earring.

gray jeans and blazer 1 gray jeans and blazer 2 black nickel and suede accent earring


Love this one! After pairing my joggers with my blazer last week I decided to repeat that formula, but use my faux leather jacket instead. I wanted to wear my cognac ankle boots instead of my leopard flats, which encouraged me to try pulling up the legs of my joggers. I was so happy with how it all turned out – mini capsule win!
joggers and faux leather 3

joggers and faux leather 4


Today’s outfit was kind of put together out of necessity. Based on what I had clean and what combination I hadn’t worn yet, this was what I was left with. Last week I wore this camel sweater with stripes underneath, so I tried repeating that with a burgundy tee. I like it, but it’s nothing to write home about.

I love this dainty, gold wrapped bracelet that Dana Blair Designs sent me. I tend to prefer more delicate pieces in spring when the clothes get more lightweight. The bracelet can also be handmade in rose gold or silver (and there’s a matching necklace that’s pretty fab too)!

camel and burgundy 1 camel and burgundy 3


My final day wearing these 20 items! This is almost a repeat of my second day with the mini capsule, but made more casual with sneakers instead of boots. It’s a favorite fallback outfit of mine – black jeans and chambray can be changed up so many ways with accessories.

black and chambray 2 black and chambray 1

I will be back in a couple of days to show you all of the looks I created with my 20 items and share some takeaways.

Those of you who did the 20 piece capsule – what did you think?

Have an awesome weekend!

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