Winter Capsule: Week 6 Recap

Hi, everyone. Happy mid-January! Today my July baby turns 6 months, which seems like such a big milestone (cue the mom-whose-last-baby-is-growing-up-too-fast tears). I hope you all had a great week.

Here’s a look at what I wore this week (and how I feel about it). Remember, my main goal is to get more comfortable with my style and looking back at what is and is not working has been a great tool to help me. I also really think looking at my capsule stats helps a lot. Each week I feel I’m getting a little more comfortable with my style.


brass dress and cardigan 2
brass dress and cardigan 3

Wow. Just wow. This outfit is not working….period. I feel like it didn’t look as bad in the mirror (or else I would NOT have worn it). ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know, this cardigan was a part of my least favorite outfit last week, so I’m starting to think it just doesn’t work for me? It looks so frumpy. Or maybe I’m not styling it right? It’s interesting because a longer length camel cardigan was pretty much #1 on my wish list because I love the way they look, but either this one is not right or it’s a style that doesn’t suit me.

In all honesty, I didn’t even want to post it, but I feel like that’s kind of “cheating” because I want this to be a real blog about what I’m really wearing every single day – the good. the bad. and the frumpy, horrible, embarrassing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I got these new shoes after realizing the last time I wore tights that I didn’t have any shoes I liked to wear them. I was going to get black ankle booties, but decided to branch out a bit since I have a closet full of those and add something more interesting with these black and gray corduroy texture oxford heels. I had a gift card to Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse as a thank you for a previous post I did with them, so I chose these.

I still am in love with my Brass Dress though (and I ruined it with this sweater!!), I have now washed it twice and it comes out ready to wear, which is a huge bonus in my book.

What do you think – am I styling it wrong or is it just never going to work? Input appreciated!


baukjen camel wrap sweater


I loved all of the neutrals today. I love this Baukjen sweater because it makes nursing and pumping so easy. Last time I wore it with black pants and it felt a little too “formal” and grown up, so I went with skinny jeans and lace-up flats to give it more edge.

Total random side note: I have noticed that when I wear these jeans it looks like I’m standing with my knees bent? Is it the placement of the fading? I wonder if it looks that way in real life? Just so you know, my legs are straight in these pics ๐Ÿ™‚


black blazer and black jeans nickel and suede earrings black blazer and black skinny jeans nickel and suede snow leopard leather earrings

Remember in my Capsule Stats post I said I wanted to make more of an effort to wear my blazer. One day later I wore it! I went with a monochromatic look pairing it with a dark gray tee (from Brass) for comfort, skinny jeans, and lace-up flats to make it a little more casual and fun.

And then there’s these Nickel and Suede earringsย I was lucky enough to be sent. I have been a fan of N&S forever and they always mention that their leather earrings are lightweight and they aren’t lying. I’m wearing them as I type and I truly cannot feel a thing. I stopped wearing heavy earrings a while ago because they just drove me crazy by the end of the day! These are amazing and they just released someย gorgeous new colors in their lightweight leather earrings . This Snow Leopard print is the Earring of the Month, so they’re on sale during January! I’m wearing the small size for reference.

I’m doing a giveaway on my IG for a $50 credit to Nickel and Suede that ends Sunday – go check it out – it’s a post from Wednesday similar to this last pic!


express circle hem sweater bootcut jeans 2 nickel and suede leather earrings

This outfit is my jam! This sweater is so comfy and I feel good in it because it covers my trouble areas and I’ve mentioned multiple times how happy I am that bootcut jeans are popular again. And the good news is they are feeling like they’re getting a bit looser!! My hope is that soon enough I’ll have to go back to Thred Up to get a smaller size. I got these Gap ones there using credits from items I sent in – that is the way to go. You can use this link to get a $20 shop credit.

It’s plain and simple, but it felt like me.

I’m looking sideways for two reasons: 1) it’s just easier than looking at the camera and capturing a normal face ๐Ÿ˜‰ and more importantly 2) THESE EARRINGS needed to be showed off. I love this color and the cool texture.


denim on denim and dansko clogs dansko clogs

My friend, Andrea, posted last weekend about clogs making a comeback and it reminded me that I had run across these oldies but goodies that in all of my recent closet purging could never part with. I think I’ve had them for about 10 years and decided to bring them back into the closet. If Birks are back, Danskos couldn’t be far behind, am I right?!

I pulled this Broncos shirt out of my special tee shirt drawer (math tees, school spirit tees, team tees) because all of the kids had Broncos spirit days at school I thought I’d join in! I didn’t have any cardigans that went well, so I relied on my trusty chambray shirt.

Fave look this week: Thursday, no doubt. Least fave look: Monday, obviously!! What do you all think?

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    1. You did it! Wearing your Danskos! I shot an outfit with mine too, but yours are so much cuter on you!

      I don’t think Monday’s outfit is THAT bad. Maybe you just needed some contrasty shoes? I like the cardigan. But you probably felt a little puritan when your collar on your dress fell closed because the two together is a very covered up look. (Does that make sense?)

      Your hair is so cute. I wish badly I could pull that off!

      1. You are totally right with the neckline being a big issue. I thought of adding a bold necklace, so maybe that would help. It’s just so bad – it literally makes me laugh out loud looking at that pic. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like the cardigan is frumping up my outfits, so I need to figure out what’s missing. Maybe more fitted items underneath?

        I do love short hair, but sometimes wish I could rock a top knot!

    1. Total disclaimer. ..I’m not really a fan of the longer sweaters. I think this one has the potential to work and it looks nice in the side shot, but from the front, I totally get what you’re thinking. I agree, something isn’t working. Tuesday’s look is my fav. You’re inspiring me to give my blog another go. I like the idea of recapping my thoughts on each outfit.

      1. Hi Angie! I am enjoying the weekly recap and really taking time to think about what I like best. The interesting thing is that I don’t think the cardigan looks frumpy in the mirror at all, but the pictures tell a whole different story, so it’s an interesting insight.

        Have a great weekend!

    1. Love you to death, but have to agree the sweater doesn’t work. Maybe with something more fitted than the dress.?

      1. Isn’t it horrible?! I’m going to try again with something more fitted like you said. One or two more tries and then this sweater is going in the donate pile! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thursday is DEFINITELY my favorite also. I love it — and I’ve been thinking lately about how I want to find a good pair of flared jeans/pants to wear. As far as the “frumpy” sweater goes, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because the sweater and dress are a similar length? I agree with Joan about the fitted thing. Give it another shot because I think the sweater’s got some potential!
      P.S. You can wear jeans to school?? So jealous.

      1. Ali, I am going to keep trying a few different looks because I do really like it. Yes, we’re so lucky that we have a super relaxed dress code, so I can wear jeans anytime. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I am loving my bootcut jeans and I’m so excited to see them becoming more and more popular. You should checkout Thred Up – I have bought 2 pair from there and they have been such great deals. They have lots of bootcuts in higher end brands too!

        I would love to hear more about your capsule experience and goals!

        1. I’ll definitely look into Thred Up. I’ve never purchased from there before!
          This winter I’ve had a very relaxed capsule-ish wardrobe — just trying to keep items that I really love wearing and not being sucked into always buying more. I never actually counted the number of items I kept for winter, but I’m hoping to be a tad more organized for spring.
          My main goals for capsuling are just being more intentional with my purchases (less impulse buying!) and gradually figuring out my personal style so I feel confident and comfortable in my clothes. I started capsuling last summer and I’ve definitely seen some growth and progress!
          One concept that I’m trying to incorporate now (from The No Brainer Wardrobe — Hayley Morgan) is using my hangers as a guide to keep my closet small. She suggests using about 50 hangers, and never using more! So if you buy something new — something else has to go. I really like that idea and I’m kind of moving more in that direction to give myself a little more flexibility.
          Love following your blog!

          1. I did buy myself new hangers when I did my big closet cleanout with that idea in mind…I should never need to go over that amount of items. I think the further I get into capsuling the more flexible I’ll be – in the beginning I really felt I needed a set of rules so I wasn’t finding exceptions every time I wanted something. Now that I’m out of the habit of mindlessly shopping I think I would be ok. I’m brainstorming items for fall with the theme of LOVING the pieces rather than an actual quantity. I have a feeling I’ll actually end up with less!

            Thanks, as always, for reading along!

    1. I’m wondering if the cardigan would look good over your flares? I’m thinking the dress and sweater length weren’t working together. But, it’s not that bad!!! You’re so adorable, you can pull it off! Embrace the marm.

      1. Brenda! That is a great idea – I had not even thought to pair those two. I am definitely going to give it a try. I’ve been thinking it also seems a bit big, so maybe belting it to add some shape?

        Thanks so much for the input, I truly appreciate it!

    1. For Monday’s outfit, what about a belt over the dress/under the cardigan to define the waist? Or even try a belt over the cardigan and dress. but sometimes that gives me bubble butt if I belt too many layers. Under sometimes does the trick. Those drop earrings and a pendant would have feminized it. -Signed, random internet girl

      1. Love it, random internet girl :)! That’s something I hadn’t thought of…to belt the under layer. Thanks for the idea!! Genius!

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