Winter Capsule: Week 7 Recap

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I swear it seems like the shorter weeks always feel the longest, am I right?! But, it’s Friday and the weekend is thisclose!

Here’s a look at what I wore from my capsule this week.


First, thank you all so much for your input last week on this sweater! I got some great suggestions on different ways to try to style it. I think what I’ve figured out is that the sweater may actually be too big, plus I’ve been wearing it with long sleeves and fuller items underneath which is contributing to the over-bulkiness and frumpiness. I will definitely try out some of your ideas to give this sweater a few more chances to be loved.

If I can’t make it work, it will be off to the donate pile. In the past, I used to have such issues letting go of things either because it felt like I wasted money or because I knew I hadn’t gotten enough use out of it. What I’ve come to realize is that this sweater is a sunk cost (thanks college econ)! I have spent the money regardless. Whether I keep the sweater and hate it every time I wear it, if I keep it and never wear it, or if I donate it it’s all kind  of a waste really. If I donate it, at least I gain space, save time getting dressed (because I won’t even waste my time trying it on and discarding it over and over), and I’ve learned a lesson about what not to buy, which saves money.

Today I wore a collared shirt under to try to balance out the bulkiness. I do like it better, but still don’t love the way it looks.

asos camel cardigan and buffalo plaid


Today I was at a district meeting for most of the day, so I went with a more casual look since I knew I’d be sitting for the most part. I wore my new harem-style joggers (for the third time in 5 days) with a sweater and sneakers. I added this oversized knit Zara scarf I found on ebay. I love the scarf, but it’s bigger than I expected, so it’s more for function than fashion.
cozy gray knits long zara scarf mixed gray knits long zara scarf


Today I added a new twist to the “Canadian tuxedo” denim-on-denim I wear regularly. I paired my trusty chambray with my trouser jeans for a more polished look for work. Add a touch of cognac and it’s a winner in my book. Have I mentioned how much I love these Nickel & Suede earrings? I knew I’d like them, but I had no idea how much! I feel they really are a great completer piece for my outfits and I love that I completely forget I’m wearing them. My bar necklace is from Classy Mama Designs.

nickel and suede earrings 2 denim on denim denim on denim 3


To switch up the look of this blush turtleneck sweater I’ve worn a couple of times already I paired it with black jeans, which I typically don’t do (pastels and black). Since the outfit itself is pretty simple I added a more elaborate pair of booties to style it up a bit.

hinge strappy booties chunky turtleneck sweater and booties blush chunky turtleneck sweater


It just so happens I had another class/meeting at the district again today. While I love being able to go out and learn new things I can bring back to my classroom, it’s so hard to be out, especially twice in one week. Anyway, I kept it simple for another day of sitting and learning new ways to incorporate technology in my math classroom. Casual Friday jeans and various layers because the temperatures in the rooms can vary so much.

cardigan and scarf 2 cardigan and scarf 1 cardigan and blanket scarf 2

Overall, I think the denim on denim look from Wednesday was my favorite, followed closely by the joggers and sweater from Tuesday and even Friday’s simple layers. That cardigan from Monday is coming in last again in my book.

What do you think? Which outfit do you like or not so much this week?

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks, as always, for reading along!

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      1. I agree! I love stripes. Just wait until you see the little challenge I have planned in a couple of weeks 🙂

    1. Great looks! I love the green sweater. I wonder if the camel sweater would look better with a black scoop neck tee underneath it? Lookin’ good girl!

      1. Thanks, Andrea! I got the suggestion to pair it with lighter colors – like white or cream jeans and a lighter top, so maybe dark would work too. I like the green a lot too -it just seems to look a little more together. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    1. I think the camel sweater outfit looks great! Really, I do! But If you don’t feel comfortable in it — I’m totally in support of donating it. You should feel good in your capsule!
      I also love the “canadian tuxedo” (I’m a sucker for ALL things denim/chambray), but I think Friday’s outfit is my favorite. Stripes always win in my book, and olive green is my favorite color.
      Lastly, those booties with the blush turtleneck outfit are so great! Love those.

      1. Thank you, Ali! I never paired all denim until my maternity wardrobe and now I love it. Thanks for all the kind words and feedback! Happy Sunday!

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