Winter Capsule: Week 8 Outfits

Between the holidays shortly after I transitioned to my Winter Capsule and participating in the Winter 10×10, I don’t even know what week I’m on any more. According to my calendar, it’s been 8 weeks since winter officially began, so that’s where I’m going to pick up with my weekly outfit posts.

This week I struggled to find motivation to get creative with my wardrobe. I’m not sure if it’s a 10×10 hangover? I also haven’t felt 100%, the whole family has a head cold, so maybe I’m just tired and kind of blah?

After writing my January Closet Update last week I used that information to help me choose some outfits this week. I looked at what I hadn’t worn as much as I’d like yet this season and planned outfits around those pieces. Here’s a look…


style notes

I don’t usually go for jeans on a Monday, but we had a rough night’s sleep at our house and I was in the mood for something simple and that I know works. My T Sweaters are by far the easiest throw on and go outfits I have, so it was a no-brainer for Monday.

I actually scrolled back through IG to see how I’d worn this sweater in the past and it’s always been with my clogs and once with oxfords, so I decided to throw on my Day Heels to change it up a bit.

the items

Sweater (c/o Jamie and the Jones) // size medium

Jeans (Madewell secondhand from Poshmark) // true to size

Heels (c/o Everlane) // true to size

would I rather be wearing something else?

I would probably prefer this look with my clogs rather than heels, they are much more in my comfort zone on a day I’m not running at 100%.


style notes

This outfit was completely pulled together based on my wardrobe tally from last month. I’ve only worn the bone pants and this cardigan once since mid-December and the tee hasn’t been worn at all.

the items

Shirt (Two Fold Clothing via Garmetory) // size medium // this color is no longer made, but Ivory and Black versions are available. Use this link for $20 off your first Garmentory purchase.

Sweater (Old Navy) // no longer in stock // I saw that Morgan (@thegarmentlife will have a similar color, ethically made cardigan in her next Virtual Popup (starting 2/14/18)

Pants (Everlane) // bought my true size, but they do stretch throughout the day

Boots (Forever 21, ethical option)

Belt (Gap)

would I rather be wearing something else?

I loved the color palette, but I think I would have felt more comfortable if the pants were a more straight-leg fit.


style notes

I have worn this combination multiple times. I wasn’t feeling great this morning and wanted to wear something easy and comfortable. The oversize sweater is a perfect contrast to the snug-fitting ponte pants. I wore my clogs to dress it up a bit and added a coordinating necklace and called it good.

the items

Sweater (c/o Vetta Capsule) // no longer available. Get 10% off your order with code STYLETHSLIFE

Pants (Brass Clothing) / size small

Clogs (Lotta From Stockholm) / run big

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton) / get 10% off with code PAIGE10

would I rather be wearing something else?

No, I wear this again and again, because I love it.


style notes

When I was looking back through my old 10×10’s, I was reminded that this striped tee is a great layering piece for my T Tops. Then, I wore the tee under my Umber T Top with jeans, so this time I changed up the palette. The tiny bit of stripes peeking out at the neckline and hem are a great detail to take this basic combination up a notch.

The leopard oxfords add warmth to the all black outfit. I tried a few longer pendant necklaces, but they all felt too ‘busy’ so I chose my basic bar necklace.

the items

Shirt (Jamie and the Jones) / size small

Striped tee (c/o Tapered Collection) / stripes no longer available, but solid tees I wear a small

Jeans (Everlane) / sized down one in this Modern Boyfriend Fit

would I rather be wearing something else?

No, I’m so glad I was reminded of this layered look, it was a great way to change up this combination that I’ve already worn a few times before.

What do you do when you aren’t feeling ‘motivated’ to put together outfits? Do you just fall back on some old go-to looks? Or do you let go of some of your creativity and just keep your outfits really simple?

And just for fun, this week we finally got around to taking out 2018 family photo. I create a family photo book each year of pictures from holidays, vacations, activities, and just fun daily life. The cover of the book is always a shot of us holding up the year. Granted, I’m still not done with our 2016 book, but at least we have a cover shot! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I like the idea of layering the tee under your top that might be a bit shorter in length. Usually I avoid buying that style altogether but that is a great option.

      1. Heather,
        Yes, it’s a great solution to pull off a more cropped top than you’re comfortable with. The T Top is usually not a problem, especially since I wear primarily high-waisted bottoms. I love that it changes the look of the outfit with an easy layering item.
        Have a great weekend!

    1. I love Wednesdayโ€™s outfit because comfort is really my thing these days. We are a week away from from half term holiday and I will be spending it snuggled in baselayers, ski pants, hats, gloves and lots of things with warm and wool in the title. The absolute in comfort dressing when youโ€™ll be hanging around outside in 25 degree temps.

      1. Andrea,
        A week away sounds incredible! Where will you be skiing?
        I find that the colder the day, the more I prioritize being comfortable over anything else. Kind of like comfort food…comfort outfits!
        I hope you’re having a great Saturday,

      1. Ophelia,
        Thank you so much! This is one of the only family photos that the kids don’t give me a hard time about. They like holding the numbers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        The ponte pants are pull-on with a really wide waistband (3″ I believe). They are high-rise. Mine hit above my belly button, which I love because it holds everything in and reduces my muffin top. There are back pockets, which I also feel is more flattering. I have had them just over a year and I still love them!

        Have an awesome weekend,

    1. Aww, Paige, you have the cutest family in the world!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those smiles. Also, such great outfits this week. We’ve all been under the weather here, too, and I can’t get over how you are able to pull yourself together so completely on crazy school mornings. I love the idea of clean jeans with a gorgeous top and you inspire me to try and pull it off. My challenge right now is that I have a bit of a stomach pooch, and the feeling is driving me nuts when I wear jeans, esPECially when they’ve just been washed. I must step up those workouts.
      Also, I know I’m late to the parade on this, lol, but I’m thinking of getting a pair of wide leg cropped pants because they look so chic on you. I’m 5’2″, but I just can’t wear heels over 1.5 – 2.0 inches because they kill my feet. You’ve mentioned that you prefer the look of higher heels with your wide legs, so I was wondering if you think one can pull it off with a shorter boot or loafer? i love the boots you wear with them, but I’m not sure how high that heel is.
      Have an awesome weekend! xoxo

      1. Hi Holly!
        Thank you so much for your kind words! That truly means so much.

        The boots that I typically wear with my wide leg pants have a 2″ heel. I have worn them with my oxfords and Birkenstocks before. I haven’t tried my Chelsea boots, but I have seen plenty of women look awesome with flat boots. I also think they look super cute with sneakers, so maybe I’ll give that a go soon. I think more than anything, finding the right proportion top seems to make the biggest impact on the wide legs working on us shorter gals. At least for me and my body shape! I love wearing them, so I just keep plugging away to make them work. I will say also, that I always think they look way better in the mirror than they photograph, so I may be a little ‘judge-y’ towards the pants since I’m kind of critical of myself in photos ๐Ÿ™‚

        I hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Wow – very cute family – and how did you manage it all with a full-time teaching job, a blog and 4 little kids!

      1. Thank you, Krissy! That means so much. Things are definitely busy, but I truly enjoy all of what I do, so that helps a ton!
        Have a great week,

    1. Hi Paige,

      I recently found your blog and am kinda hooked. I am enojoying all of your mixing and matching of clothes. I am a school counselor from a north shore suburb of Chicago and my husband is a high school principal. We also have three kids. Anyway, I have a question about your clogs. Which would you recommend? They are both cute, but I don’t want to invest in two pairs right now.

      1. Michele!!
        Your timing is perfect. I literally just posted an entire blog post about my clogs a few minutes ago ๐Ÿ™‚

        And thank you so much for your kind words, that means a lot and I love ‘meeting’ fellow educators!

        Have a great week,

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