Winter Capsule: Week 9 Recap (5 Ways To Wear a Striped Tee)

This week I did a fun collaboration with a group of new blogger friends. All of these ladies do capsule or minimal wardrobes (links to all of their blogs at the bottom of the post). To show that small closets still have a ton of versatility, we all chose one item we own to style 5 different ways throughout this week.


For as long as I do a capsule wardrobe (or get dressed for that matter), I will have a striped tee of some form in my closet. I love striped shirts on their own, but I’ve also found that with a smaller wardrobe, they’re a versatile piece that makes an outfit feel more styled. And don’t even get me started on how easy stripes make print-mixing…

Here’s a look at 5 ways I wore my long-sleeved striped tee this week..and yes, I washed it ;). The exact tee is sold out, but here is a short-sleeved version, which I may consider for spring/summer. It’s so soft and has a perfect drapey-ness to it.


Last weekend, I wore my striped shirt under a jacket. This simple look combines two of my favorite styling strategies – layering and print-mixing. Add any jacket, cardigan, button down shirt, or blazer over a striped tee and you’ll have an instant outfit. Throw in some fun accessories, like these leopard flats and bracelet (only $7), and it gets even better!

striped tee and jacket 1striped tee and jacket 3striped tee and jacket 4


One great way to use a striped tee is to add detail to an otherwise “typical” outfit. In this look, the striped tee peeking out from under my sweater not only covers my booty, but it adds a third piece and completes the look. I think without the stripes peeking out, the outfit would have been just so-so, so the extra layer made the outfit.

I decided to get rid of my Hunter boots that I honestly did not like that much. I prefer this red version from Target – they fit me better in the calves and aren’t as heavy to wear all day, which I needed for today’s 8″ of snow.
sweater stripes and rainboots striped layer under sweater red rainboots and stripes red rainboots and stripes 2


For the first time, I am “faking” an outfit for the blog. Meaning, I didn’t actually wear this. We had a snow day Tuesday, so I hung around the house in comfy, cozy sweats all day. This is the outfit I had planned for Tuesday, so I still wanted to share it for this challenge.

Another way to wear a striped tee is to let it be the statement piece on its own. I tucked my tee into my trouser bootcut jeans to make it more work appropriate and added a few necklaces (from Natalie Borton and Classy Mama Designs) as the finishing touch. All of these items will be in my mini capsule, so I’m sure I’ll wear this for real very soon! 🙂

striped tee natalie borton necklace striped tee backpack striped tee backpack 2


Back at school today, but holy smokes it was COLD! A striped tee is a perfect partner for mixing prints in any outfit. I added a print blanket scarf in coordinating tones for warmth and interest today. Stripes pair perfectly with plaid, polka dots, leopard (see above), floral, and…anything really.
stripes and scarf 2 stripes and scarf 1

These Nickel and Suede Snow Leopard earrings also add a third print to my mix today.scarf and nickel and suede


I have worn this Brass dress with jeans before, but today I put the striped tee underneath. I actually really love the way this turned out. With the tee underneath I can unbutton the dress a bit more to make it more casual and show more of the stripes. I debated wearing black shoes, but I always seems to gravitate toward adding a bit of cognac with my black pieces to soften up the look. These Nickel and Suede woven earrings and a touch of leopard help tie in the brown boots.

brass dress and striped tee 3

woven nickel and suede brass dress with stripes 1 brass dress and stripes 3


Today is Denver Broncos spirit day for the Super Bowl, so I have to participate in that, so no more stripes for this week! 🙂

I think it’s so important to pay attention to the little details when putting together an outfit. Striped shirts make it so easy to look pulled together. The stripes add a bit detail at the cuff or hem when layered, they provide a simple starting point to add other prints to which makes you look like a styling pro, and a striped tee and jeans is always a winning look.

This week I really liked Monday’s comfy, casual look and I’m always a fan of stripes and leopard like Sunday’s outfit. I’m not sure about  Wednesday’s look…although I cut that blanket scarf in half, I still feel it looks a bit too big?

What was your favorite look of the week?

Check out how these other ladies styled their items for more capsule inspiration. Andrea created some great looks with her Everlane striped tee, Harben wore her Everlane crop pants, Lisa styled this unique denim jacket, and Natalie showed us 5 ways to wear a chambray shirt. Click each photo for a direct link.

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    1. Paige I loooove the dress over the jeans look at the end. You look totally chic! Makes me want to try this with my Brass dress! It’s so interesting how we both styled striped tops but with entirely different takes. Did anyone notice you were wearing the same shirt? 😉

      1. Yes! You should totally try it! I tried leggings too, but didn’t like the all black. It would look so great with the white dress. I got lucky this week, between starting Sunday, then having a snow day, and I saw different classes Wednesday and Thursday my students didn’t notice 🙂 At least they didn’t say they did!

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