Winter Mini Capsule: 20 Items | 21 Days

Ok, here it is, the 20 items I have selected for the Mini Capsule Challenge. For the next 3 weeks, this is it, every outfit will be made from these pieces. I’m excited about these challenge for a few reasons:

  1. I love challenges – I just do. I love trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
  2. I am interested to see how little I really need. I have found that even with my capsules, I have more than I can or want to wear. I want to keep pushing that to see how little I can get by with, yet still feel like I have a complete wardrobe that isn’t boring.
  3. Probably most of all, I want to get more creative with my outfits. I love the idea of developing my style and taking fashion risks with my tried and true pieces. It makes it a little less scary and it will be fun to try to come up with 21 unique outfits.

20 piece winter capsule

Everything is from my winter capsule except the gray skinny jeans. In my original winter capsule I included a pair of camo print pants and had a pair of off-white corduroys I was dying to add, but I never lost enough weight to feel comfortable wearing them. So, I’m swapping in these new pants that fit me now to add some more options besides just blue or black denim which is all I feel I’ve been wearing for the past 2+ months.

I got these AG gray skinny jeans c/0 Thred Up and I love them (use this link to get a $20 credit to the site). I’ve actually bought four pairs of postpartum pants on Thred Up and the camel moto jacket in this capsule. It’s been a great way for me to add higher end items and a price point I’m more comfortable paying.

Here’s a breakdown of my items:


  1. short-sleeved black tee
  2. striped long-sleeved tee
  3. gray long-sleeved tee
  4. burgundy long-sleeved tee
  5. chambray shirt
  6. camel sweater
  7. blush turtleneck sweater
  8. dark green cardigan
  9. cognac moto jacket
  10. black blazer


  1. dark trouser/bootcut jeans
  2. skinny jeans
  3. black skinny jeans
  4. gray skinny jeans
  5. black thick leggings
  6. black knit joggers
  1. leopard print flats
  2. cognac booties
  3. taupe faux suede booties
  4. black New Balance runners

Over the next 3 weeks, I will share 21 looks from these items, so stay tuned!

Those of you who are joining the challenge with me – what do your capsules look like? How many of each item? Do you have a color theme?

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    1. Okay, so I picked a color theme–black. I tried to pick a few words to help me focus, and they are comfortable and more polished. We’ll see if I succeeded and if I feel stifled by 20. I worried most about not having enough shoe choices… So excited to attempt this!

      1. Katie, That’s a great idea to choose words to help you focus. I have some words I have set as my style goals, but I always forget to consider them when I choose items. I think my brain takes over and I try to be very practical.

        Keep me posted on how it’s going!

    1. I’m excited too! I went with 3 shoes, 5 bottoms, and 12 tops. Honestly, my mini capsule looks a little blah… but I tried to pick items that I know I love to wear. I guess we’ll see if I really love to wear them or not!. 🙂 I’m interested to see how this process goes. Thanks for initiating this great challenge!

      1. Ali,
        I feel the same way about mine – especially when I put it all on one collage. So many neutrals and simple pieces. I’m having a hard time deciding if that’s just the style I like and an drawn to or if that’s my practical side making sure I pick items that will mix and match easily? I made some outfits on my phone closet app last night and I think layering (even 2 tees) is going to be my strategy for not feeling boring. We’ll see….

        Can’t wait to see how it goes!

    1. I joined up as well, my colors ended up being (almost all!) black, some gray, a little brown, cream and mulberry. I am really exited about this, it’s going to be fun and a great way to really play around with my wardrobe. Your 20 items look great, I like all of the layering peices and I bet you’ll hit a lot of your goals!

      1. Katie,
        I’m so glad you’re trying it out!! I figure anything is possible for 3 weeks, right?! I found it interesting that I wanted to plan outfits a little more to make sure I wasn’t wearing something too many times this week. Especially my pants – I outfit planned to make sure they were each being worn once! Keep me posted on what you love and hate about the challenge!

    1. I agree with some on feeling like my capsule is blah… and I’m the wimp who didn’t include shoes… but I think accessories will help spice it up a lot for me!

      1. I am definitely counting on using layers to make mine more interesting. Though, as I scroll though pinterest, it’s always the neutrals that catch my eye.

    1. Posted about my 20 selections today! I have some color but plenty of neutrals too, so I think it will work okay. Fingers crossed! I’m excited to try it. Wearing the first outfit today.

      1. Amy, Keep me posted on how you like it. It was nice to realize I could grab just about any top and any bottom and have an outfit. No wondering what goes with what!

    1. My friend and I are joining in and starting this today. We’re so excited! Once I get home from work I’m going to get all my pieces together for a picture. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but it wasn’t until I saw your post that I decided NOW was the time. 😀

      1. Sarah, Yay!! I am so glad you decided to join in. That’s kind of how I felt about capsules in general. I was so intrigued and thought it would be interesting to try, but it wasn’t until I became pregnant and new I’d need to build a small versatile wardrobe that I committed. Maternity really was a great warm up for the real deal. And now I’m hooked. Keep me posted on how you like it!

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