Winter Remix: A Style Challenge

Inspired again by some great lean wardrobe blogs Style Bee and Un-fancy, I decided to join in on the Winter 10×10 happening next week. This isn’t my first 10×10 challenge and based on past experience I know I find it much more enjoyable if I alter the ‘rules’ a bit. Here’s how I’m going to to approach it:

  • Select 7 – 9 items from my current wardrobe. I decided to select fewer pieces (which is why I decided to call it a remix instead of 10×10), but not include footwear or accessories. This gives me more options for changing the feel of an outfit. For example, jeans and a blazer with sneakers is totally different than jeans and a blazer with pumps. Plus….crazy weather.
  • Wear 10 different outfits using only those items. This is the fun part. I’ve added a couple of new things to my wardrobe recently and I’m excited to ‘break them in’ with the 10×10. I also have been noticing I’m paying it a bit ‘safe’ in terms of creating new looks and trying new combinations, so I hope to push myself out of my comfort zone the next two weeks.
  • Reflect on the outfits. What were my favorites and least favorites and more importantly, why? I always find value in identifying what I love to wear. Not only does it give me some great options on mornings I’m feeling less than inspired, but it really helps me avoid buying things that are going to end up hanging in my closet unworn.

What I’m Wearing

  1. Jamie + the Jones Tee Sweater (new): I bought this sweater in October on pre-order. It was definitely a big investment for me, but I loved the look of it, it got great reviews, and it was handwoven and sewn in Nashville. It was definitely a sweaty-palms as I hit ‘Submit Order’ moment, but I’m oh so glad I did. The sweater did not arrive until right before Christmas and I had no idea what I saw in store for when I opened the box. It is so soft and much heavier than I expected. I love that isn’t not a shocking white color, but much softer. And the texture…I can’t even describe how gorgeous it is. Oh, and it smelled good. Crazy, right?! Anyhow, I wore it both Christmas and New Year’s Eve and it was the first pick for my capsule.
  2. Brass Cropped Crew Sweater (new, bought as part of The Brass Edit): Another wardrobe investment I took the plunge on at the end of 2016 is The Brass Edit. I purchased The Edit in November (it was only available for a small window), which included a closet clean out kit, a wardrobe consultation, and 6 items from Brass over the course of 6 months. I have been lucky enough to work as a Brass Brand Ambassador for over six months, so I had some credit to spend and they were awesome and threw in an extra item, so I couldn’t resist. The Cropped Crew in Dune was my January selection. It’s soft, the knit is so yummy and I love adding a different length and cut to my sweater collection (I typically go for oversized fit). FYI, I ordered a medium – it definitely runs smaller than I expected, but it’s a great fit for the style.
  3. Old Navy Longline Cardigan (bought this fall): An easy layering piece, this was a no-brainer add to my mini capsule. I find that the longer length is great over dresses in winter months.
  4. Striped Tee (3.5 years old from Gap): I don’t think I’ve done a 10×10 without a striped tee or tank, so I didn’t want to break my streak 🙂
  5. Black Blazer (2.5 years old, H&M bought on Poshmark): I love all of the outfits I see with blazers, but I just never wear this one. I included it to force myself to wear it more and to see if I can figure out why I never reach for this out of my closet.
  6. The White Label Project Silk Dress (c/o about 7 months ago): I have worn this dress more than I ever expected (posted here and here). I always like to include at least one dress when I do a 10×10 because it’s a complete outfit in one piece, so it helps out my numbers ;). I am excited to find more ways to wear my dresses during the cold months.

7. Straight Leg Jeans (hand-me-downs): A basic cut of jeans in medium wash is always a mini capsule win.

8. Brass Ponte Pants (new, bought as part of The Brass Edit): This was the second (bonus) item from The Brass Edit this month. They are super thick ponte material. They have been made with a high, thick waistband which makes them very flattering. I ordered a small (size 6), which fits perfectly, but I will have to roll them and eventually have them altered to more of an ankle length (I’m 5’2″).

9. Gray Skinny Jeans (AG, bought 1.5 years ago on Thred Up): Last year these jeans were a closet workhorse for me, but I haven’t worn them much this year (I’m not sure why?). Anyhow, I decided they needed some love, so this is a perfect opportunity to bring them back into the rotation.

I’ll be sharing my looks daily on Instagram, but I’ll do a couple of posts over the next two weeks here to share more about my mix-and-match looks. If you’re even kind of considering doing the 10×10 I highly recommend you take the plunge. It’s not supposed to be serious or scary, and it’s so fun to see how much can be done with so few items. Head into your closet, pick 10 of your favorite items (maybe exclude shoes like I did, if it’s too daunting?), take #ootd pics each day (share if you want, but if not, they’re so helpful to look back at and see what you did/didn’t like), and have fun!

Need some inspiration?

Here are my previous 10×10’s: Winter 2016, Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2016

Here are some other bloggers taking part: Andrea at Seasons and Salt.

Check out #winter10x10 #stylebee10x10 and #winterremix for some outfit inspiration on Instagram.

So, who’s in? What are you most excited or nervous for?

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    1. I like these challenges though I always get stuck at some point trying to pick 10 versatile items. Recently I heard about this challenge I want to try, 1 dress 30 days, over on the Gold Zipper blog. It’s about 36 degrees in London right now, but as soon as it’s consistently mid 40-50, I’m in! I thought of 15 ways to change the look of a black dress without even looking in my closet, so I feel really good about trying it.
      I love the items from Brass. I can’t wait to move back to the US so I can add some pieces to my closet.

      1. Andrea,
        The 1 dress, 30 days sounds so interesting! That would be a lot of fun – dresses are so versatile. I have found that as long as I stick with mostly neutrals and then a print (mine is always stripes, but something to add interest) and maybe an off-neutral like olive, blush, or burgundy to keep it interesting. It also really helped me when I decided to make my own rules and leave out shoes. I like being able to make items feel totally different for work and weekend just based on shoes.
        I hope you’ll give it a go!

    1. I think I may try it! Anything I can do to make getting dressed in the morning as quick as possible. Can’t wait to see your pics!

      1. Ali,
        Yes, go for it! I know when I first did it I was so worried about picking the items. That was the same thing that held me off from committing to a capsule…I didn’t want to get it wrong. I just try to remember that it’s for fun and if I need to go grab and 11th item it’s totally ok. But it definitely makes mornings much easier 😉

        Have fun,

    1. I’m in! I’m currently in the Southern hemisphere so it will be s summer challenge for me. It will be s good challenge since I struggle with warm weather dressing. One quick question Paige, which app did you use to arrange your 10 items of clothing in this post. I use one app, but its cropping and background removal leaves something to be desired …

      1. Charissa,
        I loved my summer 10×10 since I struggle with warm weather dressing too. Keep me posted. As for the photos…I used Word on my Macbook to remove the background. Then I cut and pasted into Pages to arrange them and add text. I’m not sure if there are comparable ways on a PC. I hope that helps!
        Have fun,

    1. I’m in! Currently dealing with slightly crazy weather here in Northern England, so we’ll see how the plan goes, but the main thing I’m doing is actually the total opposite of you, where I am sticking to one pair of boots only for the duration. I always build my outfits around shoes, so I thought I’d try and do things a bit differently this time. Am rather scared about this – and if it snows as its forecast to I’ll have to swap in my snow boots, but fingers crossed!. Have starting posting on Instagram as @allyhird if you want to check it out.

      1. Ally,
        I love that you’re using the challenge to try to push yourself to do something differently. Please keep me posted on how it goes and I’m going to keep tabs on IG! I hope the weather cooperates – so far it looks mild here, so I hope it lasts through the 10 days.

    1. I started my 10×10 challenge on Monday and am running out of ideas with tops. I think I’ll take out the shoes as well! Thanks! Have you tried a capsule for your kids? I’m also a mom of 4 and their wardrobe is overwhelming but I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?

      1. Carmen,
        How many of each item did you include in your 10×10? Can you think of ways tops can be layered to make a new set of options? If it will make it more enjoyable, definitely make a change and have fun!!

        As for my kids…no, I haven’t done a true capsule for them, but I have started to be better about not keeping so much. Between my own four and all the neighborhood kids there are a lot of hand-me-downs. I have really started to pass a lot of them along even when we still are in the same sizes rather than keep them all ‘just in case’. I totally agree though…the kid clothes are so overwhelming. If you were thinking about trying one for them I would almost approach it like those mix-and-match tables in the kids’ section at Target or Walmart. The ones where they have 7 – 10 different pants and 7 – 10 different tops that all coordinate? I would think 30 items total could work for kids because (if you’re are like mine) they don’t seem to worry about repeating outfits or items. Keep me posted! You’ve inspired me to think more about my kids’ closets – thank you 🙂

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