Winter Wishlist (Plaid pants & Leopard Flats)

When I created my capsule wardrobe “schedule” I decided to start my winter capsule in December because that felt like the most natural break between fall and winter to me. So, the past two weeks or so I’ve started listing out items I will definitely want in my my capsule, trying items on, and making a wish list. Here’s a bit about how the process went for the fall, and I’m really doing the same thing this time.

A lot of my winter items were in bad shape or feeling outdated because I didn’t do much winter shopping last year knowing I was pregnant and wouldn’t be wearing them for the full season. So far I’ve donated another bag of clothing and listed a few more items to sell on poshmark. A lot of these are items I really like, but don’t love.

After thinning my wardrobe out even more I made a short wishlist so I can start browsing and finding what I like love. I’ve already ordered a few things and struggled with color choices and how to get the most out of each piece. I’m really trying to be conscious that each piece is something I feel great in, is versatile, and fills a hole in my wardrobe. I don’t want to be shopping to shop or adding items just to reach that magic number 37.

One thing I wanted to do was invest in higher quality pieces that I can wear for years and years, but I’m finding that harder than I expected. Maybe it’s just a matter of breaking the habit of years and years of clearance rack/bargain shopping, but I think more than anything I don’t trust my style yet. I don’t feel I can confidently say that I’ll want to wear the knee length longline cardigan or the oversized cable knit sweater next year and so I don’t want to spend much money on my items.

My primary goal for using the capsule wardrobe for my own closet is to develop my personal style. And I think it’s ok to say I haven’t reached that goal yet (and maybe I never will). And if I’m still unsure, I don’t think it’s wise to purchase investment pieces quite yet. For now, I’ll consider it progress that I’m not just buying off the clearance rack, but I’m willing to spend a bit more to get an item I love rather than what I just kind of like.

Here are some of the items I’m currently shopping for and links to ones I’ve ordered or have put in an online shopping basket and am waiting to decide on: A cozy cable knit sweater, thick black leggings, a mid-length cardigan, a long-sleeved striped tee.

Today I really wanted to wear something besides boots since the weather is going to turn cold and snowy tonight, so I’m sure I’ll be covered up the rest of the week. I chose these leopard flats to add a fun element to my plaid pants and black sweater. These pants have been in my “need to be hemmed” pile for over a year. Someday…someday…

I also received this Kendra Scott necklace in my latest Rocksbox set and I love, love, love it! I love that it makes a statement without being super flashy. Try Rocksbox free with code STYLETHISLIFEXOXO.

plaid pants leopard shoes 3


My pants are old from Forever 21 and the shoes I found on Poshmark a year ago. Below are some similar items.

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