#wiw – casual maternity style

Wow, my outfit posts have really taken a back seat. Sorry! In part, it’s because they just haven’t been that exciting – in these final couple weeks of pregnancy I’m just going with what is most comfortable that day. Usually I pick a dress and I know you’ve seen plenty of those. Also, with not going to work, I’m in super casual mode, so not much jewelry or cute shoes to show off. Finally, the one or two days I did get “dressed”, I just never had time to sneak in photos besides selfies from my phone. So, there you have it….lazy days of summer!

Here is a quick wrap up of some of my looks this week.

swing dress 3

This swing (non-maternity) dress from Old Navy has been the best thing ever in this last month of summer pregnancy!  It’s so loose and soft and loose. 🙂 I ordered it online when they were $9 one day and it’s been my go to hanging out around home dress. I’m not a huge fan of the tent look it gives, so I’ve only worn it at home and to my inlaws for dinner, where comfort trumps style!

stripes, leopard, red

I’ve been loving the cool mornings and try to use that time to run errands. Plus, it gives me a chance to wear jeans and some layers, which I miss. Then I come home and put on my tent swing dress. 😉  I also love this new Lily Jade diaper bag so much that I started carrying it before baby (as you’ll see in almost all of my pics)! It has a removable insert for the baby stuff, so I just took that out and have been carrying my regular items in there for the time being.

Also, an Instagram follower found these shoes in size 7 and 8 at ShoeMall and they’re only $30 right now! I got mine on Target online, but they’ve been sold out for a while.

date night

Monday, hubby and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary! The kids stayed the night at my parents and we went out for dinner, then came home to watch a movie and eat carrot cake (like our wedding cake was). Pretty low key, but with as crazy as it is around here with all 5 of us home for the summer, that is more than welcome!

polka dots and red

Another of my summer maternity uniforms…cutoffs, a tank, birks. If it’s not a dress, this is the next best thing for hot days playing outside, cleaning around the house, and running errands.

red white and blue

I told you this bag showed up a lot this week (and will forever)! I just love the red. Plus, once I remembered I had this star-print chambray and these red, white, and blue flip flops from last year it made my white tank and cutoffs so festive! Plus, my Allison Cole rope bracelet feels so summery.
denim starsAnd here’s my 37 week + 2 day bump! Only 12 days until baby arrives. Eek!!

Apparently my theme this week was stripes or red, white, and blue! I guess those are 2 pretty good themes, but still. Every day I find more and more in my closet that isn’t fitting or isn’t comfortable and I’ve already started selling some of my maternity clothes that I know aren’t making an appearance the next 12 days. It will be really nice postpartum to have more options, and even nicer when I get back into my regular clothes!! For now, I’ll enjoy the simplicity of having about 4 outfit options!

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