#wiw – summer maternity style

This week felt like our first real week of summer break. No one was sick, no one was out of town, it was just a regular week. We did get a few doctor/dentist visits off our list, but we snuck in some fun outings to the splash pad, zoo, and gymnastics class.

Here is a quick look at a few casual outfits from this week. We had some cool mornings, which I loved for the fashion-sake of layering. I’m really noticing how boring my closet seems when the heat takes away the option of layering.

casual maternity outfit

casual summer wear


On Friday night we went to dinner at a friends and after trying on almost every top I had, I ended up resorting to a dress. My shirts are all feeling just a tad short (like if I move just right they expose the oh-so-attractive maternity panel of my pants/shorts) and I’m having to stretch them over, so they’re kind of making a tent shape, which I don’t like. It may dresses from here on out! At this point I think it’s so important to feel good about what you’re wearing. It’s already an uncomfortable time and your maternity clothes shouldn’t add to that.

36 week bump
36 weeks + 2 days belly pic

So, do you dress for cool comfort during summer or are you willing to layer or wear jeans when it’s hot for the sake of style?



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