What I Wore: Back to Reality and Looking for Input

Here we go! The back-to-school countdown clock finally reached zero and on Wednesday I headed back for my 15th year of teaching. After a full summer of staying away from my typical summer yoga capris and tank tops it only seemed appropriate that I spent the final two (very cool, rainy) days of the summer in just that.

The first week of school is really like a slow introduction….meetings, work time, and longer lunches. I don’t usually dress up for our professional development/inservice days, so the next week is really an extension of my summer wardrobe. I will tell you that the adjustment back to work really kicked my booty this week. Between sleepless nights (thanks so my own mind running full speed and to Brynn adjusting to daycare and having some sleep issues) and getting used to a stricter schedule, I was pretty worn down by the weekend.


I knew today would involve an outdoor team building activity (this year it was putt-putt), school photos, and then unpacking boxes in my classroom, so I wanted to dress cute, but in something I could get some work done in and not be worried about getting dirty. I appreciate that the cut of the Tapered Tees, especially in stripes, feel more styled than a typical tee and I can skip accessories, but still feel pulled together.

Tank top (c/o Tapered Collection) // Jeans (Madewell from Poshmark) // Birkenstocks // Watch (c/o JORD) // Bag (c/o Lily Jade)


Today I had a class in the morning on Movement in the Classroom, so I wanted to dress comfortable…1) because it’s so hard to sit in class if I’m uncomfortable….and 2) I thought we would probably get moving to model some of what we could do in class. Colorado is so insanely casual, so a lot of my coworkers wear workout gear to our inservice days. I tried to style it up a bit by adding a chambray around my waist and a watch to take a stab at the athleisure-chic look. As I was leaving, my 4-year-old asked why I was going to work in my PJs, so…. 🙂

Tank top (c/o Everlane) // Joggers (old, Walmart, similar) // Chambray (Madewell from Poshmark, ethical option) // Flip flops (Rainbow) // Watch (c/o JORD)


Today’s agenda was a full day class, so hours and hours and hours of sitting. This dress was the natural choice in my closet for a day like that. I have worn this outfit a few times already, but I had my smallest seasonal wardrobe to date this summer and it really reinforced how great it feels to wear items I love over and over with no shame.

Dress (discounted thanks to IMBY) // Flip flops (Rainbow) // Watch (c/o JORD)


We had a weekend of soccer, groceries, food prep, laundry, pool, and catching up on rest. I was super casual all weekend and finally Sunday afternoon cleaned up a bit and put on an easy dress for the remainder of the day.

Dress (c/o Everlane) // Flip flops (Rainbow) // Hat (found in my kids’ drawer because I couldn’t find mine)

I’m starting to think more about fall and continuing my daily outfit posts. I always feel like a new season is a perfect time to change things up, so I’m looking for input from you all.

  • Do you have any interest in weekend outfits, or is work week style most interesting to you? I’d most likely split the week into two posts – one for work style, one for weekend style.
  • Is there anything specific you’d like me to include in my outfit posts? Styling thoughts? Rating of how I liked the outfit? Commentary about the day or what led me choose that outfit? Any other ideas that would make the posts more useful or interesting to you?
  • What about occasional posts where I show all of the ways I wore a certain item during a season?
Thank you so, so much for stopping by each week and following along! And thank you in advance for taking a few moments to comment below and let me know if there’s anything I can do to make this a place you enjoy visiting and take something away from.
I will most likely take this coming week off from blogging so I can focus on lesson plans, gear up to meet my 160 new students on Thursday, and get my own kids adjusted to school, but I’ll be sharing my outfits on Instagram.

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    1. I love your blog and really love your style! I’d probably like to see both weekday and weekend outfit ideas and love posts showing how to wear one item several ways. Have a great school year!

      1. Jaime,
        Thanks so much! I think I’m going to try to get into a routine posting twice a week to share both work and weekend outfits (maybe even focusing on how I wear my items for both)!
        Thanks so much for your input,

    1. Paige, I just LOVE your blog and your great style! I only discovered you relatively recently, and now I really look forward to reading each of your posts. Thanks so much for all the cozy information and great pictures. You really inspire me to make a little effort every day and to see how pulled together, cute and appropriate one can look whilst keeping an overall aesthetic of simplicity!!
      As far as content is concerned, I feel like your posts are spot on, and I’m definitely interested in BOTH weekend AND work outfits, so the more you post the better (though I realize how much time and work blogging must take – the pictures, content, heck, even just focusing for long enough to get it all together (juggling work, kids, husband, life). I’ll definitely check out your instagram as well for in-between posts.
      As a working mum, I can use all the pointers you can give. I love when you describe what made you buy certain things, and the links to the item or similar. It’s also helpful when you tell what size you took in the garment for reference because we’re similar in size and weight (wish I had your gorgeous, tanned arms, though 😉 I’d also be REALLY interested in any items you might be adding for Fall, and whether or not you’re going to do a Fall capsule wardrobe. Kudos for always including clothes, shoes, etc. that you’ve had for a long time. I think we all need to be more mindful of the sustainability of everything in our lives and it’s great to see which items you’ve amortized over the years by wearing so any times.
      So basically, just keep doing what you’ve been doing 🙂 and the more, the better!
      Here’s wishing you a wonderful, easy start to a fantastic new school year!

      1. Holly,
        Well, you can just stop by and comment anytime! 🙂 Thank you for the generous and kind comments and ideas. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.
        I will definitely be doing a loose capsule, meaning I’ll keep my wardrobe small and full of my favorites, but will also have a few standby pieces to mix things up if I need. As soon as school starts I’m sure I’ll start thinking about new fall additions and I’ll be sure to post sharing them (and sizing info if it’s helpful)!
        I love your attitude about being mindful of our consumption and to try to make the most of what we have.
        Thanks again, Holly, for your thoughtful input. Have a wonderful week!

        1. Aww, any time, Paige! Thank YOU! I’m so glad I found your wonderful blog. 🙂

    1. I discovered your blog a few months ago and I absolutely love it and your style. I would love to see both weekday wear (I’m an elementary school teacher but currently taking some time off to be home with my son. I LOVE seeing what other teachers wear to work since it is such a balance between comfortable, kid friendly and professional) and weekend wear since I love seeing the more casual mom with kids outfits. I’d also love to see posts on which articles of clothing overlap between work wear and weekend wear and how you style them in those two different ways (if that’s something you frequently do.) As far as specifics on outfit posts, I always love reading about why someone picked that outfit for that day (weather, activities, ease of day to night transition, etc.), styling notes, and then how the outfit worked vs. how you thought it would work. I love the idea of how you wore key pieces throughout the season, and again would love to see that work wear and weekend wear approach. Your blog inspires me to start my own (but as a stay at home mom I pretty much just live in leggings so that probably wouldn’t be very exciting.) Thanks for all the inspiration! Looking forward to your fall posts and have a great beginning of the school year!

      1. Madison,
        Amazing! Thanks so much for all the wonderful input and ideas. I am excited to get started new fall posts to go with my fall wardrobe thanks so all the great feedback!

        Or, maybe you start a blog so that you AREN’T the stay-at-home mom in leggings? Maybe some motivation to keep things stylin’?! 🙂

        1. That would certainly be some motivation to be stylish. Or maybe I just start a blog about being stylish in leggings “Living in leggings” ?

    1. As others have written, I love your blog too. To me, I like how you show things that you like AND don’t like, what worked AND what didn’t. I’m interested in work day and weekend but I’m also interested in knowing how you handle things after you get home from work? Maybe it’s just me, but when I get home, I nearly always change into ‘lounge’, ‘weird’, ‘hope no one sees me’ clothes and I’d like to change that. Any suggestions? I’ll close by sharing how much I value your work as a teacher as a mom to a, now, young adult son with Asperger’s, thanks for your service:)

      1. Dawn,
        Thank you so much, first, for you kind words. I have had a number of Asperger’s students and even coached one on Cross Country, so I applaud what a hard job you have.

        Thank you, second, for taking the time to comment. I will definitely work on sharing some of my post-work outfits as part of the posts too.

        Have a wonderful week,

    1. It’s all good :), but the work-day posts are more useful. Different ways to wear the same item are especially interesting.

      1. Anne,
        I will definitely work to a fit a few of those posts in over the fall!
        Thanks so much for the input,

    1. When minimizing my wardrobe, I thought I would try to build a wardrobe of pieces that could be used for work or play, but I ended up with weekend-wear that made me feel like I was at work! I’m trying to focus on cultivating a few pieces that are solely for one or the other, so I’d love to see both work-week and weekend-wear posts!

      1. Krystal,
        That totally makes sense. I have found that, for me, the difference is in the bottoms I wear. A sweater paired with slacks for work feels so different than the same sweater paired with distressed jeans for weekend. I rarely overlap my work pants, but my tops are much more versatile.
        When shopping, I definitely focus on work wear. I tend to wing it on weekends 🙂
        Thanks, as always, for commenting and following along!

    1. Keep doing what you are doing! I’ll be interested to see what old and new things you may wear in the fall (shoe, jacket, etc features?!), even if it’s not a capsule. I’m in Texas and the weather is much slower to cool, but hey…
      I like that your blog posts and dress seem realistic for moms whether they are full-time moms or work outside of the home. I had a recent revelation that some other blogs that I liked for quite some time have great ideas but I just end up wanting lots of new really expensive things made of fancy materials that just don’t work for my life. So, thanks for the easy style inspiration!

      1. Christie,
        Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and send your suggestions. I love it! I will definitely be posting a Fall ‘Capsule’ post soon showing what old stuff is still a mainstay in my wardrobe and what new stuff I added to mix things up a bit. I hope you find inspiration to make your old items work for you in new ways around here.
        Have a great week and thanks again,

    1. Hi! Found your blog though seasons and salt and just now realized you are a fellow Coloradan! It is so hard to be motivated to look nice when everyone is so uber-casual. Looks like you have found a good balance. I’ll be checking back for more good ideas to keep me out of yoga capris and tank tops, which as a fitness instructor, is pretty much my uniform!

      1. Hi Karen!
        Where in CO are you located? I’m in Broomfield (between Denver and Boulder). Yes…everyone is super casual here and athletic gear seems to be the norm. Somedays I love that and other days it makes it hard to motivate to do something different. It’s also very casual at my work, but I finally feel I’ve hit my stride looking professional, but not completely overdressed compared to my colleagues.
        Thanks so much for saying “hi” and following along!
        Have a great week and stay cool,

    1. Hi Paige – love all your ideas! Here is one more to add to the mix: As someone trying to cut back on shopping, I have benefited a lot from the reviews of various investment pieces you have offered up. I hope you keep those coming 🙂 Thanks!

      1. Bryn,
        Thanks so much for the suggestion…I will be sure to add some posts like that to the mix to share more about why I added and invested in certain things.
        Thanks so much for the great idea!

    1. Hi,
      So glad that you are posting more often! I “found” you during my last pregnancy and it was encouraging to read about style+postpartum and then getting back to work full time. I like your posting ideas. I’d occasionally like to hear about “near misses” – what other combinations you tried before getting it “right” (i.e., the outfit you work out the door and were pleased with). Keep on keeping on!

      1. Andrea,
        I love that idea of the “near misses”! Thanks so much for the great input. I appreciate you hanging around for so long, too.
        Have a great week!

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