What I Wore: End of Season Blues

This week felt much more settled in and the exhaustion of the start of the school year subsided. The bummer of the week was that I felt uninspired by my wardrobe and had a hard time finding motivation to get creative with my clothes this week. My guess is that the nearness of fall, which is my favorite style season, is making me anxious to move on to different clothes. Here’s a look at what I did manage to pull together and I’m happy with what I ended up with.



brass a line dress lotta clogs

Dress (Brass Clothing, available in Navy and Gray coming soon) // Clogs (Moheda from Lotta From Stockholm)

I feel like a rebel in thi dress. Wearing an all white dress as a mom of 4 kids and high school teacher who handles dry erase markers all day?It’s risky. I obsessed over this dress for more than a year before finally buying it late last spring. I’ve only had a chance to wear it twice, but it’s stayed white so far. I love the simple statement it makes.

I toyed around with pairing it with my black Birkenstocks to dress it down a bit, but they felt like too much of a contrast. I also tried on a few necklaces, but in the end decided to let the dress make the statement and left my accessories to bare minimum.


Tank (old from H&M) // Jeans (old from Old Navy, thinking about replacing them with Everlane’s black denim this week) //

  Shoes (old from Target) // Belt (Gap)

I stood in my closet totally clueless as to what I wanted to wear today, which doesn’t happen often. Originally, I chose a striped tee before this blush tank caught my eye. I don’t usually consider wearing lighter colors with black, but adding the brown belt and shoes softened the transition between the two items and I liked it much better than I expected.

These jeans are ooooold, I honestly can’t even remember when I got them. They’re low-waisted and super skinny, so they aren’t as comfortable (or flattering) as a lot of my other denim. Everlane is releasing their denim line (priced at $68) this week and I’m considering buying a pair in black with a slim straight-leg cut as an update.


maxi dress

Dress (c/o Cole Hands) // Tee (old from American Eagle)

First, I tried adding a belt to give it more shape, but wasn’t sure if it was too 80’s mom style. I should have taken a photo to share and get you’re opinion, but my brain isn’t always fully functioning that early in the morning. To be safe, I decided on a striped tee tied around my waist to break up the straight line of this maxi dress. Later in the day I wore the tee knotted to the side when my room got cold from the A/C.


tapered collection tee

Tee (c/o Tapered Collection ) // Skirt (old from Old Navy) // Clogs (Moheda from Lotta From Stockholm) //

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off at using link)

This was my favorite look of the week! The skirt and tee were so simple and comfortable, but I felt effortlessly styled. This was another outfit that I tried wearing my Birks to dress it down a bit, but that look didn’t do my legs any favors. The little bit of height and light color of the clogs help elongate my legs and prevents the midi length skirt from making my look even shorter than I am. I added a simple wood bead necklace to tie in the shoes and also break up the solid black.

I’ve been sorting through my wardrobe and getting my Fall Capsule(ish) ready. I’ll be posting it early next week. This weekend I’m moving my fall items back into my closet, but I still have most of my summer items lingering around as we transition seasons.

How do you handle the transition between seasons in your closet? Do you live with two wardrobes for a while? Or do you gradually move things in as you need them? Or do you wait until summer is totally gone before moving into fall?

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    1. I thought your outfits were amazing this week! Love them! I use a mix of whiteboard and chalk in my classroom, so I’m always covered in something!

      I feel your discontent with the lower waist-ed skinny denim…and I do like you do…wear a belt to hold them up and am looking for higher waist-ed pieces to transition to (they are hard to find “just right” though!)

      For “Intro to Fall”, I just put away my bright color blue/white stripes and melon colors and preppy-style shoes (my palm beach sandals)…and leave in the neutrals (chambray and stripes and white and black).

      Then I pull out a few light layering pieces (denim jacket, olive jacket, black long swing cardigan)

      Are your clogs comfy for LONG days on your feet? I’m loving those! I’m thinking I’m ready for a Sneak Week (all sneakers…all this week…hahaha)

      1. Ophelia,
        Haha…always covered in something. I have 2 chalkboards on my side walls and if I go anywhere near them I feel I’m covered! I like your gradual transition into a new season by cutting/adding particular colors that feel seasonal!

        I have no problem wearing my clogs all day for teaching. And, heck yes to sneak week!! 🙂

    1. My closet has room for all of my clothes (except for the jackets and shoes which live elsewhere), but the side part is somewhat hard to access. Year-round items stay in the main part, seasonal off to the side. Fall means that items such as swimsuits, shorts, and very summery shirts move to the far end, and sweaters, flannel shirts, etc. move closer to the main part. This is a gradual process.

      1. Anne,
        That’s so nice that you have room for everything! I could probably swing fitting everything in, but it’s pretty crowded and I find the cluttered feeling stresses me out, so I pack up the most summery or most wintery items. A lot of it stays year-round though.

    1. We live in Seattle so in the morning I often start in jeans and a light sweater, but by three o’clock I need a tshirt and shorts. Our house is also on a mountain ridge, so it’s cooler than going 15 mins away when you’re down the hill (where I go to do all my errands). I feel like I spend all day changing clothes sometimes!

      1. Andrea,
        The transition seasons can be so hard! Our mornings are noticeably cooler in the past couple of weeks, but we’re still hitting the 90’s most days. I’m always ready for fall to fully set in so I can totally pack up my summer clothes.

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