What I Wore: My Full Summer Wardrobe is Back

Since the Summer 30×30 is officially wrapped up (and we got to move back upstairs after our flooring project), I officially am back to my full wardrobe. For summer, that doesn’t mean much will change. I have a couple more dresses and a lot more tank tops, but that’s about it.

Honestly, as I hung my tank tops all back in my closet I realize a lot of them are on the chopping block. I don’t love them. I just keep them so that when I wear my cutoffs and a tank it feels like a different outfit. But, I’m starting to realize that’s not necessary, especially if I’m not excited to wear them. I’d rather keep a few I love wearing and just accept repeating outfits as part of the deal.

As I picked outfits this week it was on my mind to select things that I hadn’t included in the challenge, but I really think I would have been just as happy continuing with those 24 items. I’ve got some outfits I love this week and some that make it look like I’m just surviving (which somedays is how I feel), but I liked sharing all of my outfits, for better or worse, during June and I’d like to try to keep up with it.


Ladies Night Out! After a day of touch up paint, assembling furniture, and hanging lights I got to spend the evening with 6 of my fave gals. We went to the I Love The 90’s concert (for the second year in a row) and had so. much. fun!

Since I had access to my full closet, I specifically chose something that I love for summer but that I didn’t include in the June challenge. I knotted my dress that I got from Imby last summer to wear with jeans. The dress also has super oversized armholes, so I used a small safety pin to close them up and make it more comfortable for me to wear. Since there was a lot going on with the shirt and bralette, I wore bigger earrings as my stand out accessory.

My sister did my #ootd pic and just made me laugh the whole time…I thought this little collage Google put together for me was kind of funny to show that!

Shirt (old, dress c/o IMBY knotted, same brand as this current tee) // Jeans (Madewell secondhand via Poshmark) //

Shoes (old, Target) // Earrings (c/o Nickel & Suede)

My little sis.


After a lot of searching and indecision, I ended up finding a closet unit that fit perfectly into a little ‘cove’ I have in my closet. I was planning to buy a dresser and set of shelves for inside our master closet, but had a hard time finding ones that made the best use of the space we have. I finally found something at IKEA, so I made my third trip in two weeks. My husband had the older 3, so my mom and I took Brynn.

When I went for the first time with the family a couple of weeks ago I wore this exact same outfit (which hubby now calls my IKEA dress). But, it’s comfortable and has pockets and requires zero fuss. I first had it on with my black Birkenstocks, but they felt too harsh, so I made a last minute change into my flip flops which are a warmer and softer color.

Dress (c/o Imby) // Shoes (Rainbow) // Bag (old, Old Navy) // Watch (c/o JORD Wooden Wrist Watches – get it for 30% off on Amazon Prime Day 7/11/17)

Tuesday // 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!!  Whew what a day. We had a big day at the pool, then straight to a family BBQ (with another pool), and then home for fireworks! The kids were so beat, but had such a fun day.

It was a scorcher, so this dress was perfect both for the weather and the color-scheme. I added my old flag flip flops and a star print chambray to make it feel more festive. I also managed to paint my nails red and white just in time for the occasion!

My sweet family.

Dress (c/o Everlane) // Star-print chambray (old, Old Navy) // Shoes (old, Payless, similar here and here)


Oh, that holiday hangover. The kids were grumpy, I felt bloated, and all of the work around the house started to feel overwhelming (which totally comes and goes in waves). It was also over 100º, so that added to the low motivation of the day. We just hung out around the house, let the kids watch a mid-day movie (or 2) and recovered.

This dress was part of my Summer 30×30 until the last second, so it will definitely be a regular for the rest of the summer. I got it 2 years ago when I was a few weeks away from having Brynn and it was so loose and soft and cool. It’s been a regular in my summer wardrobe ever since. The all black does feel a bit harsh for summer, but I have a little side kick who is always a plethora of color and pattern to make up for my drabness 🙂

Dress (old, Old Navy, ethical option) // Birkenstocks


Still another hot and kind of blah day. We went to the park early early to beat the heat (and saw 2 huge Bull snakes…ick), treated the kids to some McD’s cones, and hung around the house.

I bought these shorts last summer on Poshmark and they’re just ok. I thought the color and loose fabric would solve my shorts-wearing woes, but I don’t find they’re nearly as comfortable as the Everlane ones I bought this summer. They’re hard to tuck into and the hem is always wrinkled over. I’m going to hang on them through the summer to see if they grow on me, but they’re on the chopping block for sure.

Tank top (c/o Everlane) // Shorts (Old Navy secondhand from last year) // Flip flops (Rainbow)


I took me until around 4:00 to finally get dressed. I worked out in the morning and then the plan was to go to the pool, so I decided not to change. But, then Brynn’s nap fell right around the time everyone else finally got ready for the pool so I stayed with her. I did some work staining and priming our stair railing.

I had one of those days that I was in a grumpy, grumpy mood for no reason. Luckily the afternoon cooled down, I finally showered and threw on some normal clothes, poured myself a drink and ordered a pizza and all was well.

I don’t think without completing the Summer 30×30 I would have been as likely to put on jeans and a cute tank for an afternoon sitting around the driveway enjoying a beverage while the kids played, but it definitely did help me get over my grumpiness. I didn’t do any makeup (thanks sunglasses) or hair, but it was just enough to feel a little better.

Shirt (c/o Tapered Collection – size up 1 or 2) // Jeans (Madewell secondhand via Poshmark) // Flip flops (Rainbow)


This is one of those ‘just surviving’ outfits and is essentially the same exact outfit as Thursday (welcome to my normal summer style). I knew we didn’t have much planned until afternoon and I was feeling sick of my other cutoffs, so I chopped a pair of old thrifted jeans I had. I’m so much more comfortable with more coverage, so I went with a longer length for this pair.

I just don’t know if they work or not? Are they the epitome of mom shorts or is there an element of coolness to them? I didn’t do anything to ‘style’ them today, but I’m wondering if I couldn’t just make them work with a little effort? Or are they just never going to look good? Either way, I loved the higher waist and thigh coverage for hanging around the house, so don’t be surprised if they show up again.

Shorts (DIY cutoffs) // Tank (c/o Everlane) // Flip flops (Rainbow)


I had all but forgotten about this skirt I won a few years ago on an IG giveaway from Leanne Barlow. I rediscovered it as we had to empty out each and every closet for the floor update. I rarely wear it because we just don’t have that many events that require us to dress up.

Today I had a friend’s baby shower to go to, so I decided to pull out the big guns and wear my twirly skirt. I paired it with a striped tank, leather wrap bracelet, and clogs to tone down the dressiness of the skirt and I love it! I had so much fun wearing it, I’m wondering if I could pull it off for work?

Skirt (old, ethical option I love) // Tank (c/o Tapered Collection) // Shoes (Lotta From Stockholm)

Whew…that was a long post! Thanks for sticking with it!

To all my fellow readers in the US, how was your holiday weekend? Did you have a hard time with the rest of the week too?

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    1. Looks like you had a lovely holiday! We took a much-needed trip to Boston for the long-weekend, and it made the three-day work week seem so long (I bet this week will feel much longer though, ugh!).

      I’ve never done any of the 10×10/30×30 challenges but I bet the feeling of returning to all of your clothes is about the same way I feel after returning from a vacation!

      1. Krystal,
        Ooo…a long weekend in Boston sounds lovely. I’ve never been to Boston, but it’s on my list of MUST GO places. It’s funny how the short work weeks often feel the longest.

        I hope this regular week flies by for you!

    1. I really like the long cutoff denim shorts! I’m wearing a pair today ? The Mom Edit had a post about them recently and it inspired me that they are actually cool! I say go with it!

      1. Meg,
        I am going right now to check it out! I did find some Pinspiration I really liked, so I’m excited to try to style them up a little bit and see how they feel. For summer, they’re comfortable and that’s about all that matters to me!

    1. I love that red twirly skirt! You should definitely wear it to work. And just about every day. It’s amazing!

      1. Madison,
        Thank you! It was so fun to wear that it made me want to get more use out of it, so I think I’m going to really make an effort to push out of my comfort zone and wear it to school!
        Thanks for the confidence boost,

    1. Hi Paige,
      I’ve been enjoying your weekly daily-outfit posts for a while now, and something you wrote here really struck me. I tried the 30×30 by wearing what I normally would until I hit 30 items, and then remixed those pieces, and my outfits were pretty boring. About your extra tanks, you said: “I just keep them so that when I wear my cutoffs and a tank it feels like a different outfit.” This spoke to my situation perfectly. I didn’t realize that by having/wearing 5 versions of the same pairs of jeans and tees that they were all the same outfit. Thank you for the big Aha! moment. With that in mind it’s much easier to work on simple styling and saying no to more of the same stuff, even though I like to wear it. Thanks too for the effort that goes into your blog, I love reading your posts:)
      p.s. the red skirt is great, it looks so easy on you

      1. Rachel,
        Thank you so much for sharing your situation. I’d love to hear more about why you felt your outfits were boring – was it sticking to the same color scheme? Or not having new ways to wear the items (like a dress as a top for example)? Or did it just get ‘old’ only looking at the same items?

        Anyhow, I think tank tops is the most obvious culprit of repeat items in my closet. In summer it’s so much harder to mix and match using layering as a way to create new combinations, so I keep a lot of tanks on hand to avoid repeating outfits. But…a lot of them are just so, so. Don’t love them, don’t hate them, just hang on to them. I do wonder if I didn’t find one or two options that I love, love, loved and was so excited to wear if I wouldn’t care about wearing the same outfit over and over?

        And thank you for your kind words…it’s always great to hear!
        Have a great week!

    1. I love the longer denim cutoffs! The photo actually made me stop for a moment because they created a different silhouette (maybe proportion is a better description?). I literally stopped and thought “those are so flattering!”

      1. Oh, gosh, thanks so much for the input!! I usually wear my shorts pretty loose because I don’t like anything to feel tight on them, but went ‘skinnier’ for the longer pair, so I can totally see what you mean about the different silhouette…I hadn’t thought of that, so thanks!

    1. Hi Paige,
      Thanks for the reply.
      The outfit in question is a pair of slim, high-waisted jean, a pair of flats, and a tee-shirt half tucked the same way over 5+ versions. It’s my favorite go-to, however, I was putting too much pressure on the individual items to miraculously make me look stylish, when really I wasn’t getting any practice actually styling myself. I think this is why I fell into buying so many versions of the same thing, and when wearing them together they became boring or too safe.
      Lately I’ve been experimenting with being more conscientious about styling what I’m wearing, and pushing myself 10% out of my comfort zone. This might look like wearing a fav jeans/tee combo but doing my hair or makeup in a new way, tying my top instead of tucking it, or layering a button up over a dress. It’s helped shop smarter too. I know a new dress that fits into my fantasy-life, or another striped tee isn’t going to be make or break any of my outfits, so maybe that money/time could be spent wiser learning how to wear a hat or a different piece of jewelry with what I already love to wear.
      Thanks again,

      1. Rachel,
        I love that! I often forget that I can also figure my hair and makeup into the style equation, which is definitely something I need to work on. I hadn’t considered using that as a way to change up my outfits that I repeat, but I am going to be more aware of that. THANK YOU for the great tip!
        I think hats take any outfit up a style notch, but that’s another accessory that I don’t utilize as much as I should.
        Thanks so much for sharing,

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