What I Wore: Going Strong

Well, I think it’s safe to say that my friend, Andrea, was right. She thought that if I did the Summer 30×30 and jumped right into summer style and forced myself to get dressed every day I would break myself of the habit of wearing workout gear all summer. I’d say I’m doing pretty dang well and have managed to put on some sort of ‘regular’ outfit every day regardless of how hot it is and how low-key our day may be.

This week I had a mix of casual shorts and tanks, but also my favorite dresses thrown into the mix and I love all of the outfits. Well, except maybe Monday…


Today I pulled the ‘should’ card again and wore this tank instead of something I like more. I don’t dislike the top, it just doesn’t get me excited to wear it. I added my wood bead necklace to pull some of the warmer tones from the print, but wore black shoes because I’ve been feeling bad about neglecting my Birks in favor of my flip flops this summer.

Is that the craziest thing…to wear something because you feel bad for it?! Anyhow, it was an OK outfit, but nothing I’d be dying to repeat. Now to decide if I keep the tank just to have another option in my closet or ditch it because I don’t love, love it?

Tank (old, H&M Conscious) // Shorts (DIY cutoffs, love these) // Birkenstocks // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here) // Watch (c/oJORD)


I feel a little bit like a liar posting this because I honestly only wore it for about 5 minutes. I went up and got dressed thinking we were spending the day running a few errands and hanging out at home. I came downstairs to find the plan had changed and we were heading to a local park and then to the pool for the afternoon. So, I took a quick photo because I liked the blue dress with the white necklace (and to show my sad Birks some love, LOL) and then went up to change. We spent the entire afternoon at the pool and it was perfect!

I have to say good-bye to the dress for a while because my blogging BFF, Andrea (yes, same as above), and I did a clothing swap and I sent her this dress and she’s sending a linen jumpsuit just to switch things up for a bit without having to shop. How fun is that?!

Dress (c/o Sotela) // Birkenstocks // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – still available here)


Today the boys went white-water rafting with my parents and my husband went to the Rockies game, so we had a girls day. We did a few quick errands, painted nails, watched Sophia, and treated ourselves to milkshakes and the indoor play place because it was HOT. I wanted as little fabric touching my body as possible. This Corrine Collection dress just barely skims all the way down, and the longer length makes it comfortable to wear when playing on the floor with the kids. Plus, pockets. I have already worn this dress a few times, so I switched it up ever so slightly when we left the house by adding a chambray tied around my waist. I can already see wearing this same outfit with the shirt on and tied as we head into fall.

Dress (c/o IMBY) // Shirt (Madewell secondhand via Poshmark, ethical option) // Flip flops (Rainbow) // Watch (c/o JORD)


I got bit by a style bug this morning when picking out my outfit and decided that even though our only plan for the day was to visit another park I’d wear a slightly dressier top. This top isn’t anything fancy, but it’s not my typical summer tank choice. I’ve had this tank for years (bought it int he kid’s section at Target) and I rarely wear it, but can’t seem to let it go. Well, that may just change. This top does not breathe. At all. Oh my gosh, I was so hot and so uncomfortable at the park I could not wait to get home and get this thing off of me!

The shorts on the other hand are my favorite summer addition. They don’t ride up or cling to my legs, they are cool, and they dry quickly. Plus, they don’t wrinkle. As soon as we got home I changed into my Everlane Human tank and was a million times more comfortable in the heat.

I think I like the tank because the lace adds a fun detail to a simple outfit, but after remembering how uncomfortable it is, I think it’s going in the donate pile.

Shirt (old, Target) // Shorts (Everlane) // Flip flops (Rainbow)


Today was my favorite kind of summer day. We started of slow, then I got to go to brunch with some friends (total summer luxury), headed home for a few games of corn hole and water tag outside with the kids, and finished the day going to friends for pizza and beer while all the kids played. I didn’t expect to wear this maxi dress the whole time, but one event quickly led to the next and I never had a chance to change into my ‘play’ clothes. I love the easy cut of this dress and it’s one of the only prints I have in my wardrobe, but it’s perfect for hiding any messes from the day.

Dress (old Target) // Shoes (old Target) //

Bag (old Old Navy, ethical option on my wishlist) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here)


Although the formula of the outfit is exactly the same as Monday’s, I like this version so much more. Another day, another park, another easy outfit. 🙂

Tank (c/o Tapered Collection – size up for stripes) // Shorts (DIY cutoffs,love these) //

Bag (old, Old Navy,ethical option on my wishlist) // Flip flops (Rainbow)


Today was probably the closest I’ve been to hanging out in my workout gear all day. I started the day with an awesome rooftop yoga session overlooking the mountains in Boulder and then headed to breakfast with friends and family afterward. I did hang out for a few hours around the house in my yoga gear before changing for the pool.

We rode bikes, swam, then headed home to clean up and grill some dinner, so I didn’t have a chance to snap an outfit pic, but I wore my IMBY dress (no longer available) from last summer for the second half of the day.

I mentioned above that I’m doing a clothing swap with a friend.  I’ve heard about swap parties where you bring some clothes you’re not feeling the love for anymore and trade with friends. Have you ever traded clothes with a friend, either permanently or short-term, just to add some variety to your wardrobe without shopping or adding more items?

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    1. Yes! I have clothing swaps at my house twice a year, and it’s always super fun. A lot of the clothes I wear regularly have come from swaps. Highly recommended!

      1. Jessica,
        What an awesome idea and that’s so cool that you have initiated and been the hostess. Do you try to invite friends who wear similar sizes or open it up and swap accessories and shoes too?
        Thanks for sharing,

    1. Heck yeah–I’ve been clothing swapping with family members for years! We call it “shopping at mom’s” or “shopping at __________ (insert name here). As in, “yes, this weekend I’m going shopping at Heather’s!”

      Maybe the two tanks belong in a different season? Fall perhaps? Layered with a cardigan? Sometimes, my clothes that aren’t working just belong in a different season. Sometimes it’s color, sometimes it’s the material

      1. Ophelia,
        I love that!! I have read about the swap parties long ago and I guess it kind of slipped my mind, plus I wasn’t sure if anyone would be that into it. It’s so cool that you have a group of family members to swap with! I hope to keep it up, what a fun and harmless way to “shop”.
        And thank you for the input on the tanks, I think you may be right!

    1. First off, I cannot get past your tan. #jealous
      Second, I am sooo impressed by the dramatic change in your style over last summer. I love seeing you work your summer looks!!
      And I’m so guilty of the ‘shoulds’ and then I often purge them once I realize what I’m doing!

      1. Andrea,
        Thanks for the push I needed! It’s still not my favorite, but better. It also opens up my closet more to not separate work/public vs home clothes, if that makes sense?

        And I have a small pile of clothes to purge that I’ve realized are my ‘shoulds’. It’s nice to have that realization to keep my closet clear of things I don’t love wearing.

    1. I love the dress from imby. I’m worried about sizing. Do you mind sharing the size are you wearing?

      1. Jen,
        I got a medium and I’m 5’2″ and 135ish pounds. I am a size 6, sometimes 8. I hope that helps! Oh, and the dress is awesome – really one of the top three most comfortable things in my closet!

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